Magic Coins

The streets were busy again the unfamiliar rain causes almost everyone to walk along arm in arm. The sky has … More

I Need to Tell You

Her eyes are full, expecting there to be news she dragged her thumb lazily across the screen. There in our … More

Yoga Twice a Day

She walked up and even I’d admit it was no accident, we fell into bed. There’s something remarkable about the … More

You Fit Into Me

Beautiful, it is hard to describe in detail what it is I love most about you. Is it hard to … More

Previous Returns

The gifts come in streams she reaches and asks for a pen softly touching my arm, she says, ” I … More

Treasure Chest

I didn’t see her coming still, this is where she wants to shine. My silhouette in the dark, it’s all … More

Mocking Bird

Aggressive defenders habitual creatures awake at night be careful they hold true grudges they actually remember from year to year … More

I love You the Most

I’m waiting all night for you to end your bad week, to finally log off, and fall asleep. I’m secretly … More