The temple steps she’s my one and only the sun is at its highest so excited to spend time with her we are wearing all white everything was revealed bronzed and honied shoulders glisten the hours we spent outside. Kneeling in prayer now we love in equal measure as if, doubt sometimes creeps in someone […]

Inked stories on both her arms quietly keeping to herself the music pounds and pushes through walls that are now breathing. Temperamental and moody that advice of hers she closes the space here between the both of us she whispers a set of commands. Words mix and swirl in the sweltering humidity we’re anxious to […]

There are counting flaws, we all see different patterns here in the everyday objects. Still, something surround us. From a young age we’ve all been taught to be careful please do not touch or disturb certain surfaces. It’s crazy to think tonight love sits in the balance some will freely fall, while others will hang […]

When time was limited we rushed and hurried forgetting all our little sayings. When we were in such a rush we let the hours pass, however, we need to hurry up feel and then say all those things, say what loving meant to us. The anger and hurt were there, just the same too, when […]

This day for lovers all the parts are perfectly scripted the players stand at the ready, tonight will be a performance. A soft almost delicate bracelet glistening with newness it’s hard to imagine love could dull or vanish. Yet today, one anticipates if the words will ever come? Pulling the petals from flowers am I […]

Praying on broken knees to palms, for this, my daily offering to a filtered girl who asks I gather my attention and give up my words so she can read the words about herself. She states or asks, if I understand she wants me writing poetry for the span of my lifetime a good 80 […]

With a set of written instructions, oh please don’t forget, a plea to take care of the beauties there on the flower terrace. There was an exact schedule to keep. Pampered and perfectly guarded she sits so perfectly still, from the start until this moment each day and night equally fell. The pain that she […]

Tell Me again how many times you’d spread yourself, like some blessed thin layer offering yourself to others? In the curve of the left arm she held the needle still eyes were locked into eyes, “Hurry love!” In an instant the fire was lit so alive now  burning white hot. One must admit to have […]