King and Queen

There are easy ways to give and accept control.

Pretend if you can, 
because I really don’t want to ask
a hundred more times,
if you can see this place
where a King and Queen live.
I’m all excited to share 
where things are hanging around
waiting to tie and mark your skin.
Without ever truly understanding
how all this meandering really works
I’m here to explain the inner dealings 
the Dominant and His submissive.
I’d hate to drag you
to where all the lights shine,
unless of course,
it’s somewhere you really want,
or need to belong.
The choice to touch
might not always yours to make,
we just need to run faster
than our current tepid pace.
Come close to the edge
I swear I’ll reread,
every word in every book if you want.
Hurry before the pages get all sticky
and it becomes impossible to read
about a King and His Queen
sick with fever
that makes everything
just impossible to be around and exist.
Do whatever it takes
so you won’t catch this
addictive D/s fever.
Hurry and keep running, 
the onlookers are close to the touch
they’re gonna take you back
because you’re considered theirs.
Come disappear in a world
full of Royal characters.
The King and Queen perhaps
where delivered ultimatums
come from just one source.
Then after a while,
you’d start to see tiny changes
how pronouns are capitalized or lowercased.
Their role depends 
on the give and take.
Someone is always on top
while the bottom truly guides
the all important energy source.
Kissing the heel or boot
kneeling to please
forever always trying to hold a tongue
her precious thorn.
Inside the patterns of seven
it’s a loaded gun
against the 13 lessons.
If I were to ask 
“it pleases”
try and wait for the instructions
that will guide you to a place
of all consuming love-devotion.
Careful though
it’s dangerous to give of yourself
completely to this new world 
of  language and expectation.
Hard decisions are even harder now,
because you have to think
of the right words and answers
in the exact perfect time
based on what someone else might think.
Frustration runs divine
to all the newcomers
who can’t quite see
what it is they’re trying to read.
My advice:  Reread a thousand times.
If you truly want and need
the blessed attention.
No one is ever going to show you
the proper way to ask why.
Maybe this latest writing
makes absolutely
no sense like nonsense.
Especially this coded idea
asking permission properly.
There are others who
will read these words
and beg for the honor.
Maybe we’ve lost the years
where the Kings and Queens
would demand this kind of attention,
that I’m here asking.
Even rarer still, 
having someone who
has the keys to a Garden
that is asking to kneel.









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