It’s All Very Easy

Words on a mission

trying to convince a girl

I’ll probably need more of her.

Sure, I expect her to react

to the spring in the jets.

It’s just that I’m feeling

everything is so different

especially with her.

She can give a curious look,

right along with her lay-low

get down commands.

Time and attention is always hers

after all, she’s a first-time girl.

It’s all very easy now

to read the quality of her thorn.

She turns to look back

eyes up into eyes this time

she insists I throw away

that new pair of sunglasses

I won’t be needing them anymore.

This time though,

it’s all very easy to see why

she wants a choker necklace.

The others are sure to know

the clasp sits close to her skin now.

Giving the control,

she accepts a pretty place

here in the pit of my stomach.

I grab and take her inside

so our agoraphobic mannerisms

won’t seem so out of place.

It’s so much easier now

to order in.

I’ve put all my cards

on the lap of this perfectly flawed girl.

We can very easily sidestep the system.

She loves giving her sex

fully clothed or otherwise

today is a continuation

from last night

when she gathered her clothes

in a scattered bundle.

This time though,

we’re gonna go on slow

keeping time to ourselves

while I conquer this current taste of words.

With bellies just half full

I don’t mind sharing,

feeling or feeding things

to her mouth.

She pauses,

just before she takes a breath

and whispers,

“We’ve got this.”

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