Just Leav’n

She just left with my feelings in her bag.

I watched her,

while she picked up the trail of things

in reverse order.

It took hours

for her to get ready earlier,

but seconds to undress

showing me the difference

in her body now.

Fuck, I love her.

A night with heavy love-making

it was strange driving her

all around this familiar town

with our eyes closed

it was easy to feel her.

I’ve always said I’ve loved Violet.

She’s just recently returned.

This time though, she has no limits,

both of us have been drinking

from a fountain of youth.

Tonight we moved mountains,

it’s a shame seeing her leav’n.

I love having her this close again

we promised we’d try to last

longer than the holiday season.

She’s much prettier now,

especially since coming off my shoulders.

Everyone knows the system,

I give her my attention,

she shares her curves.

I promised I’d have words ready for her

before she got all home

from carrying her bundle

listening to deep base thumping tunes.

Songs rang from playlists

that came much earlier.

There was never any doubt

I’d fall in love all over again with her.

Laundered and cleaned

the evidence of her game

she’s changed.

I can’t help this feeling,

she’s just leav’n, she’s promised

not to throw this time away

come tomorrow, she’ll return

she swears, she’s not lying.

I already miss her and her sex in this.

Like the way she…

And how she…

She takes every position serious.

A certain song keeps skipping

automatically tripping

in my mind, figure it out.

I have to hurry and get this out

It’s a new year and

everything is new again.

Things are just start’n all over

she’s a definite 10 out of 9.

You know how it goes,

if I show her I’m try’n

she’ll beg to return and share her curves.

I love you baby,

here are your words,

just as I promised.


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