High Flying Depth

With eyes raised up in attention

nothing ever gets by her

and instead of blurting out an answer

she asks for permission instead.

There are simple rules really,

one must ask to speak privately

with permission of course.

The words always come officially stamped,

she’s allowed to speak freely.

Oh to dream while one is awake,

it’s easy to imagine,

look towards the moon-lit sky

focus on a particular position

and simply say what’s on your mind.

In this simpler way,

it’s easier to inch-up and whisper,

so she places her cupped little mouth

perfectly against his ear.

In this young reachable hour

she slips her question into position.

Curves compliment her beauty

the others can’t help but stare,

just as his eyes fall down into hers.

Their image is timeless

they stare and hold the position.

It’s their first upscale event

in this, the time honored

cave of enlightenment

where they’re expected to perform a role.

The top and  bottom alike

are both amazing,

just look a certain way

with more and more eyes

staring at the both of them.

People start to talk and whisper

a high flying depth of conversation

she kneels to accept him.

Tipping her chin upward,

eyes avoid eyes,

with a fistful of hair

he reaches to adjust her collar.

Her choker, marks the remarkable day

she  is now owned and truly alive.


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