A First-Time Garment

It was nice to be invited

back into her bed.

I had the perfect gift to celebrate

this new occasion of finding her again.

In there, she does not have to pretend

she whispers for my approval.

I hand her the gift.

Her eyes were filled with that look

‘You didn’t have to do this.’

Instantly, she fell in love

bringing the first-time garment to her chest,

she barely even saw it.

The corset should be a ‘first gift’

because one does not imagine

the amount of discipline it’s going to take

sipping on breath to get through a day.

Still, I’ve not seen her this happy.

With draw strings waiting for her waist,

she can’t imagine how it’s going to fit.

It looks so tiny even in her hands,

like a powerful constricting fist.

she can’t get the words out fast enough

“please, can we try it on me!”

She is placed facing the mirror,

just as her garment is slipped overhead,

immediately she feels the fabric’s soft kiss.

To the stinging cold steel eyelets,

I swear she’s beyond excited.

Having always wanted,

I start with the top layer, saying,

“you’ll remember you are owned.”

I jerk close the first few eyelets

the slack is taken out of laces.

To the next set of words

“you’ll remember to listen.”

The closing middle was where she noticed

her body was being transformed

the corset was more than just a form fitting outfit

it was an extension of my hand on her.

She loved the sound of the laces

being drawn down her spine.

She stared deeply in the mirror

She couldn’t wait to run her hands to her sides.

I started with this instruction

“Throughout this entire day your curves and cleavage are the highlight. Come tonight we’re going to fuck. you’re free to share your excitement, just don’t let anyone touch.”

The girl spun around in one quick motion

the feel of her right waisted body was something. Quickly…

After, I needed to make some final adjustments

centering the front clasps making sure

the top three were undone to reveal her cleavage.

As she stood looking in that mirror

again, she couldn’t help but take it all in.

The compression on her skin

melted her sore muscles

she felt this amazing hug. She couldn’t wait to get fully dressed.

her outfit had hints of crushed cranberry velvet. Pretty beads aligned the front.

Never has the girl felt so wanted,

so desired,

than inside her corset.


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