Now I Know

One of my favorite places

is where I’m walking

through neon streets

with headphones making it impossible

to stop and start a conversation.

24 hours can take an eternity,

just as the night drags and soothes

the sun can drown all our eyes

making enlightenment that much harder.

The weight of the last few days,

truthful or otherwise,

the quiet has been an amazing silence

a place where I can truly dream.

Dreaming against a pillow-less night

especially now that we’re having all this

recoverable rain and such,

it makes the air that much easier

to take a huge breath in.

We’ll relax in order to breathe.

There’s still time to love and hate

the same emotions really,

they both can get us hurt,

unless of course,

we’re in another one of our

dream-like states.

Never mind,

it’s fine here right now

I could of just as easily

left these words in my pocket,

but instead, I chose to pull them through

this word-press apparatus

allowing all the others to read.

My compromise has always been

that, in order for the world to get

their fresh dose of poetry

I’d have to open up my world

on a morning where I’d just preferred

to dream in bed all day.

Now I know,

I’m a love-sick girl

collecting all the pretty words

stringing them out in our ring of posies,

where we all fall down.

Hoping against hope

someone will get my meaning.

Slow-motion or otherwise,

I already know,

not to get all involved with

how everyone else feels because

I can’t control how they pray.

Now I know

these last few imperfect days

have meant more to me

than all the well balanced

8 hours of perfect sleep.

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