Time has always been kind to me. The hands have forgiven most things. My true love asked if I could wait, I honestly didn’t mind because there’s really no other choice. She has traveled all this way, on broken knees to palms, making sure that I felt loved always letting me sip on whatever cup. […]

Buried in bed alongside her a girl twists the sheets, she can’t stop smiling, her tourniquet is tied tightly around our waists. She wants an answer, it’s impossible to say no to that. She frantically looks for nail polish and insists I’m in charge for how her toes looks tonight. She asks why I have […]

I’ve started and stopped three times, each time coming to the top again. With a new title and a fresh thought again, words should be allowed to live. There is something very obvious in the way words affect us all. I can’t tell how badly I want a… There are some who instantly meet up, […]

With a joyous revolt against words there is this blessed silence, and by no means was this edit a choice of yours. Stubbornness I guess is the last elusive thorn to conquer. Whether you choose to take a stance or choose to go silent both can have a very loud impact. Trust fall, you have […]

A reviewing critic I’m standing in a sea of strangers amidst a nightlife that is alive and well. Up there on stage, we see eye to eye the girl who sings about a guy playing a guitar, alone in a freezing garage. Today is a special day, she announces, the strangers yell for another song. […]

Time and attention falls freely on both sides, and just as I start to speak freely you too take notice. There is a natural equality to the way you nurture and no matter the role you’re eager to play the part. It’s in the way you look and see things causing this envious side to […]

Not wanting to explain why I placed a loaded kiss on your mouth I was hoping you felt the urgency coming from my lips. I need to say I love you standing face to face the cup overflows you step from that little dress. These are the sensitive hours for sure. Wanting to ignore my […]

The sky is threatening, still, I swallow the truth and wait. Winds pick at the edges and it’s hard not to notice, just how dependent I’ve become. Silence has settled peacefully, I wait here for the eye to come. Caught up in the moment I yearn for you. Prayers churn inside, and so I meditate […]

Temperamental living the promise has always been I’ll take care of you. Eyes centered and focused keeping the minutes clear from all distractions. Even when your mom starts it up I’ll keep your chin high above all the bullshit. When she starts judging your decisions, we’ll respectfully turn and smile because it’s all coming from […]

In our dogs years time can pass on by quickly. I bet they don’t hold grudges, they can’t, especially the way they wag their tales each time they see us. I’d swear they understand our language certain parts of it anyway. Unless of course, they’re lying to us. Just think if they had long-term memory […]

There are no regrets when we accept we won’t be strangers from this point forward, I’ll need to rent some space in my head so you make room and move on over. It’s a shame it’s taken so long for me to find you, listening to all these songs up against it all convincing myself […]

A first time goes for everything, so meeting someone for the first time after a decade of information from a couple of conversations we’re both feeling confident. She explains she needs to perform a lynch pin ritual, not exactly sure what this means the curiosity was more than enough what started with an innocent look […]

Anonymous in a line putting words on a screen I watch her balance all the little things. With rain making everything all clean and spotless everyone guards against the supposed cold weather and all the little things. Yesterday, a family friend spent his last day here on earth and all we want to know are […]

With the biggest dreams ever conceived, attention comes and floods the streets. Everyone has to have a piece whatever it was, you were giving away. Maybe it’s because your clothes will be changing hands or the simple fact, they used to be yours. Those expensive jackets you just leave there on your bedroom floor. Clutter […]

These are the days we share, and in everyone, we find our someone. Looking through a, ‘Lost and Found’ we’re reminded, these used items used to be someones gift. Yesterday, and against all the rest, it was starting to look like the rain, wasn’t going to stop, but instead, we were able to hold hands […]

I can hear the rain more than I can see it. Here, against a quiet hum, the refrigerator works to keeps things frozen. Out the window rain and wind mix, the view is a mess, there’s nothing left, but to sit here and take it all in. My rescued German Shepherd, Shiva, seems to remember […]

Perhaps you shouldn’t have made mention that it’s been entirely way too long since I’ve written anything. The problem now is, I can’t stop putting the words to thought. Maybe it’ll mean you’ll spend hours trying to sit comfortably with me inside, just as I go along writing too much in one day. I can […]

My 3am focus has always been the same, each time I curl up in bed to write the words again hoping the tiny light is dim enough. This hour sits and devours My attention, it’s always been My handsome hour when I can write about pretty things. Far from love-struck eyes, I can clearly see […]

Today I saw her bones. There is a winter storm warning everyone tries not to worry, tonight the weather will change. There was a place  where we used to kiss, when she wore her favorite summer dress. Now, everything is being covered in snow by morning it’s sure to be covered and gone. This is […]

With plain speak on my mind I still trip every time, I come across her words. Words that are dripping wet with expectation and want, the desire to please. There is this certain pulse and beat. It would be tragic if, we never made a duet a mixtape of our words, dancing and flirting with […]