My advice, whenever you play with words, understand there is a weight thrown. And maybe your vision is such that the message is a little anemic for one to survive on. Those big and lofty words of yours, most typically get lost because the story that you want us to feel is truly impossible for […]

Clear sky and yearning the morning lifts with stillness, she quietly sits sipping tea a cup that is still near boiling. I’ve never understood why she likes the tea extra hot. Sitting at a big picture window hugging knees while barely sipping the view compliments her mood. The toaster clicks an egg is taken from […]

She has always been so handsome, impure in some respects being this beautiful. The girl and her magic charms caught in her web of love her long eye lashes, sexy and it’s easy lying with her in her newly decorated room where it smells like fresh-cut flowers. On elbows, looking into eyes the girl undresses […]

Someone loved you without ever truly believing they gave their word, they’d love in return. You’re making a new record, tonight you fell asleep in his arms and the look on your face I couldn’t really see, so I stayed. Maybe come tomorrow we could unpack and start all over? I’m the one who cherishes […]

Underweight, my words seem a little anemic when compared to the bloated world that surrounds me here. I feel the temperature in my throat it’s almost time to take you to that sacred place. Retreat with me I’ll keep your head afloat slightly above the rim. I won’t let you drown under the weight of […]

It takes discipline to hold your place, your ground against resistance. From all others there you are finally emerged holding this amazing pose a breath longer. Even your own gifts have out performed what we thought would never be broken. On knees to palms, you’ve neither fallen or landed you’re simply there perfectly balanced and […]

With the clearest blue skies possible, today reminded me of a time inside. There are trigger memories impossible to forget they really ever happened. Inside a butterfly habitat, an all glass greenhouse incredible beauty, where time slowed. We paused, to let our eyes catch up to the soft floating gems, as they landed on shoulders. […]

That second his eyes laid in mine, we instantly fell in love. My number one. All well intentions inside come and overflow each time we lay eyes on each other. The years are growing strong the everlasting bond still carries us we love in equal measure. This son of mine, my number one might not […]

There are gracious moments usual things get instantly elevated, clothes hung on display in these glamorous closets I’ve never seen eyes this wide. Everything was so oversized bathroom mirrors stretched the room. Pulling our images along the edge the tub was enough for both of us. We played with the idea, but the suds would […]

Back in the hotel room a perfect set of instructions she begs to be undressed, of course she is told to wait. I reach for the playlist play our favorite songs that are going to set up a mood. Heavy handed kisses, I smear her once pretty lips, she smiles deeply, while being taken to […]

Underneath a heavy hand wet ink stains the surface, she denies that none of this is at all romantic.n With so many choices I’m sorry, but I sorta fell in love tonight, against all my protests her star stuck mood had won. Caught up, on the street corner the fucking grass was so much greener […]

There are neon lights reflecting on the ground, it’s night and the rain is pounding. She puts herself in front of me, demanding my attention between both my arms looking up smiling, with that smile and we know where we belong. She’s the first to whisper those treacherous set of words, I can see it […]

Scared from a dream swimming in a large reef tank the deadly’s were all there happily swimming along keeping me company. I was told to ignore the dangerous ones, until one turned and attacked and everyone that was with me abandoned the water and mentioned “That looks like it hurts.” My defensive wounds, I slept […]

Tomorrow I’m coming back, because even I know, being gone this long has forced the sky speak up. Words come from our single source, when I finally looked up I saw her waiting there for me. And I swear she swore, she hasn’t been able to sleep for years now, and even I knew her […]

I can’t sleep until I’ve come here and knocked on this door to try and wake you into existence. We haven’t met, yet I can describe you in exacting detail. My lover is already in me, I am not seeking you, but merely waiting on a chance meeting in order to be in awe and […]

The pleasure comes from the source. I don’t mind waiting on a certain kind of girl. She turns, her smile escapes and my mind goes blank. I’ve never seen this kind of look before when she put her eyes squarely on me. She claimed the words were all hers. I want more time, from that […]

When colors fade from old photographs life’s timeline is hard to ignore. Maybe memories work the same, with time against them it’s hard to recall, just exactly how you sounded or replied when we spoke. In all those old photographs, I’m your age now, I guess time travel is actually possible. The hour now, is […]

I can’t quite express with all due respect this feeling I get when I crawl inside and begin to write. I hope not to bore you my euphoric joy lasting adequately enough in order to get everything out. Words to me matter much simple or otherwise. Each syllable or subtle rhyme mixed and gathered put […]

There aren’t many people who could match my intensity, it’s been easy loving you. A better part of me fell over and landed upside down that piece mixed with you. There are laws of attraction you intrinsically make us love, by asking without questions, it’s something in your eyes, the way you look so colorful. […]