Punch Drunk

Standing toe to toe with her

the rounds have all been

scored and counted.

Eyes up into eyes this time

she squares her opponent up.

She figures he’s an easy mark

simply lull him to trust again,

there’s no way he’d fall for it.

For a while, they danced around

making promises of taking it easy.

Slowly, to the center of the ring he went

surely he’d never see it coming

with lightening fast speed

it was all over   The knockout.

In his daze he remembered

she had already set eyes

on yet another opponent.

Something about needing the next fight.

He already knew

there would be no real way

of getting out of the ring unscathed.

Eventually, the effects would ease

the headaches would get further

and further away from him.

With scorecards counted and tabulated

came this big voiced announcer

“Ladies and gentlemen

we have a unanimous winner.”

With the crowd wildly cheering

hope laid in her future.

With frenzied joyful excitement,

the victor was led away on shoulders.

It wasn’t until things had settled

the ring had long been but forgotten

who had truly won

when it came right down to it?

The undisputed champion?

I think not.

Especially afterwards,

all punch drunk from love.

Still unable to use the words

that made her so masterful.

She’ll go in search

for her next great opponent

leaving this one

like it meant nothing to her.

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