With unquestioning eyes she has arrived unannounced. Violet returns to the side of me where she has already left once before. She’s returned to give her blessed mark to me. Come tonight, she’ll beg to give whatever it takes, to use her body twice. This intense desire of hers marks her official return. With a […]

  Hiding her in the pit of my stomachit’s hard to think of having hernext to the girl, I’m supposed to marry.I can’t tell if this sickness is really somethingmore than a 24-hour bug,it’s just, I can’t hide herinside my head any longer.I’ve felt this love-drawn-sicknessfor years now, and stillshe has no ideashe’s my biggest […]

There are easy ways to give and accept control. Pretend if you can, because I really don’t want to ask a hundred more times,if you can see this placewhere a King and Queen live.I’m all excited to share where things are hanging aroundwaiting to tie and mark your skin.Without ever truly understandinghow all this meandering really worksI’m […]

Addiction just wasn’t something I ever thought I’d have to pay. In order to experience this kind of girl meant I’d have to go to different kind of place. The truth serum slipped easily into veins, it’s hard to admit at being such a willing participant. Especially when, right and wrong we’re staring at me […]

From the start the kissing hour was my surprise I was mixed up inside. Maybe luck was down for an hour. She wanted to fully take me to set me free from between her legs. We always promised, we’d ride for hours. Broken or otherwise it never really mattered because that thing inside was in […]

On the surface, everything new and beautiful will at some point start to erase. Yesterday, like all the rest iniquitous signs came to light. Companionship came along with it’s true fair warning, Even from this sensitive place no one saw what was coming. Beauty will eventually betray. When all along ritual praying should have been […]

That inner pleasure sourcewhere you swear your God exists,it’s in that last placeyou’re always forgetting where to look.I don’t want redemption nowor a refill from a newly found stash.Step back and look at the totality,that corner part of your soul,where you swore you wouldn’t look at anymore.  I must of heard this commotion a hundred times […]

Lines of love clearly drawn out there sits this tiny bungalow deep on the inside of me. Rigidly enclosed, I keep to my words my mistress on a frontline I suppose. Always having some emotion to write about. There sits this intriguing blueprint where devotion takes on this ordered formality. In an ancient relic of […]

I want the television to tell the truth. I promise to search and save the titles to my profile. Come tomorrow, we’ll commit ourselves to the asylum of our bed. We’ll lay and binge watch Season and episode 1. I’d be much happier if, we could agree on the same title. We could fold up […]

Hours spent counting the connection each tiny moment an investment. Frustratingly slow movements, still, time had no interest just as long as we remained committed to saving and putting stupid mistakes on hold. Our love-currency, in other words, had no real penalties or defaults. With enough in our savings by now we could look forward […]