I walk on this tightrope a wire stretched dangerously thin at any second it could break. I understand that’s why there are so many onlookers it’s easier to sell tragedy there’s more to show just keep a clean distance apart. Our new world changed us overnight I brought my mouth up to his and he […]

The bluest wings her eyes sparkle and shine maybe I’ve always belonged here after all I am the first one to lay lyric after lyric deep in the belly of her arms. She’s addicted to the godforsaken words written in her favorite books. I try and keep up taking notice of where her eyes turn. […]

It started out at 9am head over heels in love with her. I couldn’t control it then just a pretty smell her perfumed scent I devoured her beauty it was just enough to send me head over heels in love with her, sadly though, by noon I forgot to look she wasn’t stopping by my […]

Taste the change with me, call me Daddy, if you like being treated like a baby girl. If that’s something you want to feel swear alongside me we can look at the television and dream of other people making fun of their vanilla houses. Come home and undress put on your tightest fitting leather I’ll […]

Did you see the look that crept into their eyes it’s no use now to hide they’re completely blind. I want someone to come take my hand and show me how to love before I catch some deadly virus and become a burden that no one wants to touch. Today I am handsome otherwise I […]

There is this side drawn up inside deep in the belly in all of us. Who amongst us can truly choose or decide just hot much love they’re willing to divide? Can we separate ourselves from our-selves? This might be a play on words you can decide for yourself, but first, you must trust that […]

The romance in chasing my one and only real true love, even as sick as that must sound I can’t help but notice the eyes of certain strangers draw me in, but it’s no use really I can’t stay with them when I’m this infected. I swear I’ll keep on writing no matter how long […]

You promised and said I never would have to worry love, yet here I am playing with temptation. I wish I could just start over, it’s just, I never would because I am in love with just you. My one and only one has me thinking again I never would be left here again. I […]

The girl is alive I can’t help but promise to lay still underneath her hypnotic spell. She puts her tiny hands half over my eyes, and still, the light dissapears. There’s no chance in returning to the defeated, perhaps I’ve been claimed. Taken by her cruel kind of love, still, she asks I stand perfectly […]

Life has a story all its own and in all honesty there’s no room to complain especially when we see the others struggling. Too deep to reach the bottom it’s the bluest water one has ever seen. I wonder if life has a remedy cleanser next week we’ve all been warned a treacherous virus has […]

Connect the electrical cord to the base of my wrists you could flip the switch whenever you wanted to give me the shock of my life. I prefer to wear Tom Ford me and my manageable look I’ve been chasing for years now. There’s always someone chasing right along side me I could never have […]

There on the bathroom floor one can clearly count the hours spent heaped up in piles. Obviously, she loves more than most, even if, she’s always in a hurry to run and disappear. I’m not sure her love that’s so strewn about will ever be enough, but I guess I remind her of every time […]

The repeating has begun again. What started out as some vacant whisper has managed to force its way back into my mind. No one has me so trapped inside I gently say your name just before bed. I close my eyes get all shut down lying perfectly still and start to remember just how you […]