I’d pretty much do anything to show how using lower case text works. Words are important to me in a way that sunshine feels on a grey day when you sit against a warm window it’s nature’s hug when nothing else works. Lower case words are meant to show a soft demurely kind of way […]

The sky might be one hundred degrees with the sun being brilliantly bright, but in my head, the sky is falling grey storm clouds, I’ll stay in bed all day. I know I can’t check out like that so I’ll walk around in a haze in my head, the girl is just right there. I […]

It was nice to be invited back into her bed. I had the perfect gift to celebrate this new occasion of finding her again. In there, she does not have to pretend she whispers for my approval. I hand her the gift. Her eyes were filled with that look ‘You didn’t have to do this.’ […]

She hesitates for just a moment, it’s already too late. Sergei approaches her with tense muscles, barking at her to “get up.” His voice was rich and authoritative all at once and it was never wise to make him repeat himself. The girl was never given a name, and typically children born like this were […]

It’s hard to get across a messy floor covered in all the little shards. Sometimes the relationship is easier when things are clearly defined. In the Dominant/submissive world there are these hard and soft limits. Here is an example an example of soft numbered in no particular order. These are the easy everyday limits 1. […]

With eyes raised up in attention nothing ever gets by her and instead of blurting out an answer she asks for permission instead. There are simple rules really, one must ask to speak privately with permission of course. The words always come officially stamped, she’s allowed to speak freely. Oh to dream while one is […]

I’ll come there I promised I’d prop you back up. We probably won’t be able to talk for a while at first though. Words aren’t enough this time, they’re too stuck inside to say anything helpful right now. It’s probably fine though, you won’t mind sorting out the voices inside. This past month has shoved […]

I’m finding it hard in fact to understand why my conversation was ever interupted. She had other plans for sure tonight. Hurry and get ready! She gave access as motivation and then stared deeply, with eyes that refused to stop from breaking a world record attempt. I eventually convinced myself to accept the things that […]

Tonight I had to ask, just as I rushed to the edge of the bathroom door I wanted to watch you getting ready, so I’d understand in a slightly better way if those wings of yours were in fact, real? I must have danced a thousand different thoughts thinking how much I’ve been loved in […]

Apparently tonight I have a mouthful of words I’m dying to get out. A fever has been burning acres today. Ablaze on my skin I turn to her, oh, she’s already gone. Left to deal with the treasures I know exactly which things I’ll let burn. The sky is prettier than I imagined, this crimson […]

A love of the sandy coast we can’t help ourselves, but to dig in and tear into our clothes. No one really noticed back when we were all sunbathing last summer free falling into each other’s open arms. We were so weightless then watching now seems impossible. Scantily half dressed, almost naked we could care […]

The soft and precious hour something delicate about her body vulnerable to the terrible cold. We’ve been waiting since August for the weather to finally turn. The expectations in her bath a performance of a lifetime. Deviant pleasurable plans exploit my desire this is much more than just soap and water. There are definite steps […]

Touched by her return a sliver of an edge truly points upwards. I turn to fully accept her, this part of our dance, we know the steps. Whatever the glue is that binds us will obviously last a lifetime. Who knew that this sticky connection could never be questioned by either of us. Temptation’s half […]

The city sleeps tonight this chill keeps everyone huddled, closed, and wrapped up inside. It’s easy to ignore the ache and hunger. There is something about tasting nothing, until the sun rises causing things to stir. Our warm nest of a bed shields us until the alarm claws, and my eyes must wake. I have […]

Standing toe to toe with her the rounds have all been scored and counted. Eyes up into eyes this time she squares her opponent up. She figures he’s an easy mark simply lull him to trust again, there’s no way he’d fall for it. For a while, they danced around making promises of taking it […]

I think I knew I couldn’t get it right, because I knew my resolution’s fate. Here I’m now fighting a lopsided fight. The girl with charms will always get me every time. See, I can’t see beyond this night come tomorrow I’ll go blind and forget the resolution promise. I seriously want to be, her […]