Finally, our summer-time has returned it’s warm tonight,you’ve come ready to playthat kind of warmthwhere everything sits still too tired to move anymore. Nothing wants to be outsidenot until things cool a bit. There on top of the comforter your room begs to be used again in the old kind of ways. Voices and sounds […]

And we’re fallingeyes locked up into eyesthe death stare I supposethrough the layers we travel. Hands reach and grabin this weightless spaceI know you love me,the pressured feelingwe’re hurtling through timeI find the small of your backand pull you into me. We can no longer seethe place we started from,leapt from really. Together, entwined and […]

The color codebegging for the hour to hurrythe boy and his dark little soulwant to get up and leave. I swear lover,the night still bleedsI can clearly see that pretty place,it’s all I’ll ever havethe crimson leavesplaced in colored vases. Maybe this is our better placeGod knows I’ve prayed enoughdamn, heavy sippingthe new, surely are […]

Through the veil of treesthis is our comfort place,and as strange as it seemsI know I can help youcome run with me. Through thick and heavy wordswant drips from the mouthburied in those good Ol’ dayswhen we kissed all freely. Let words come crashing downdon’t get all caught upthinking how it’ll work out. We’re here […]

Standing on this platform,I must admit,I’m impressed by one of youyou’ve read almost every poem. The hours inside daysI’ve been on your mindtrying to unravelexactly why all this truly matters. Just words, I beg to be differentbecause I am in lovestanding on this platformlooking back at all of youfrom all over the world. The good […]

There from the startshe’ll try anythingto find her way in the hive. By birthright, she’s the one,a chosen giver,there to give us life. She has her protectorswith one solitary thoughtguard the Queen Bee. Her private army will swarm to protect hersworn never to leave her side. Against all good reason,she longs to perform her favorite […]

This is the start,the spotlight hour,let the questions be asked. From the first until the lastlet’s let answerstrigger the complicated feelings. Want versus the needshe is here to danceto fill our lives. There is a depth in wordsthat make perfect senseonly she understands. There are certain meaningsfrom underneath this lightthe girl has perfect balance. Tiptoeing […]

Perhaps today was our best moment,in these sessions of ours,we move without words. Unmatched from anything beforeI swear, I’ve memorized her tempothere’s something powerfulcoming from deep inside her.what I love mosther drowning trigger memory. The world may be changingsome run from their sourcethank goodness there are somewho embrace their beauty gene. Every thought has an […]