Even if I were the one diagnosed with something epic, instead of a girl in Hawaii I guess I’d still ask if you wanted to write to me for however long it took me to rearrange my life. Today I guess I’m ready to listen to your diagnosis I’ll probably stop you 50 times or […]

Tell Me again how many times you’d spread yourself, like some blessed thin layer offering yourself to others? In the curve of the left arm she held the needle still eyes were locked into eyes, “Hurry love!” In an instant the fire was lit so alive now  burning white hot. One must admit to have […]

The fact is my love is an impossible task like a half-assed look or glance. Oh this must of meant I wasn’t all that interested, when in fact, my attention is yours. Of course, I’ll do whatever whenever I am forced even if that meant I’d have to use a pair of sterile hands to […]

Lonely kisses to an upturned chin too long have you stood at that door. Waiting on yesterday still, here are your exclusive words simply said in a way that only you could decipher or name. Yes it is your perfume that gets my attention to turn in the air that still hangs it forces me […]

Underweight, my words seem a little anemic when compared to the bloated world that surrounds me here. I feel the temperature in my throat it’s almost time to take you to that sacred place. Retreat with me I’ll keep your head afloat slightly above the rim. I won’t let you drown under the weight of […]

I can’t sleep until I’ve come here and knocked on this door to try and wake you into existence. We haven’t met, yet I can describe you in exacting detail. My lover is already in me, I am not seeking you, but merely waiting on a chance meeting in order to be in awe and […]

The pleasure comes from the source. I don’t mind waiting on a certain kind of girl. She turns, her smile escapes and my mind goes blank. I’ve never seen this kind of look before when she put her eyes squarely on me. She claimed the words were all hers. I want more time, from that […]

When colors fade from old photographs life’s timeline is hard to ignore. Maybe memories work the same, with time against them it’s hard to recall, just exactly how you sounded or replied when we spoke. In all those old photographs, I’m your age now, I guess time travel is actually possible. The hour now, is […]

I can’t quite express with all due respect this feeling I get when I crawl inside and begin to write. I hope not to bore you my euphoric joy lasting adequately enough in order to get everything out. Words to me matter much simple or otherwise. Each syllable or subtle rhyme mixed and gathered put […]

There aren’t many people who could match my intensity, it’s been easy loving you. A better part of me fell over and landed upside down that piece mixed with you. There are laws of attraction you intrinsically make us love, by asking without questions, it’s something in your eyes, the way you look so colorful. […]

Getting to the stairwell the rain threatens to strike us all, even if it hasn’t actually touched us yet we’re ready for its downpour. I can feel you squeezing pulling me into a crevice. Questions come because the sky is so dark I am all out of breath, it’s hard to answer when I’m staring […]

Beneath a night of mostly cold skies, I turned to face the girl and gave the look. She knew exactly what I wanted coming from her against this frigid night. We were standing near trees without leaves, freezing. She puts her hands in my pockets, smiled. The three layers mean’t I wouldn’t feel her attempt […]

The new steps take hold of me. I stand here in front of you, you listen from behind your door. Crying on this side of mercy do you promise you’ll pray with me? I promise I’ve been praying since the start, since we were set free from brutal hands. The harsh air consumed my voice, […]

My nights are spent with her we’re high in these blue skies. No pain, she offers herself as my drug, without any hesitation I take heavy sips. Her skin is sprinkled with glitter, it shines, she tastes like flowered perfume. Everything about her is subtle, eyes melt naturally by her expressions. Eyes on fire, they […]

The streets were busy again the unfamiliar rain causes almost everyone to walk along arm in arm. The sky has been threatening all day we ignored the forecasts, yeah right, we probably shouldn’t have, in introspect this is the heavy hour for a downpour. I’m approached by homeless girl, “Do you have any extra guitar […]

Her eyes are full, expecting there to be news she dragged her thumb lazily across the screen. There in our dimly lit room, she mouthed a set of words, she had obviously practiced many times before. Anxiety builds, the room goes quiet. I swear I saw her lips move, but sound didn’t register. She stepped […]

She walked up and even I’d admit it was no accident, we fell into bed. There’s something remarkable about the girl and her powerful shoulders. Powerful perhaps, the hours spent doing her Yoga exercises twice a day. Her long lean muscles, impossible really never needed additional definition. Of all things, it wasn’t her shoulders that […]

Beautiful, it is hard to describe in detail what it is I love most about you. Is it hard to tell how hard I stare into eyes that are stronger than my own? Each night I come to find words, I can’t help but notice the lyrics in songs, sitting right in front of my […]

The gifts come in streams she reaches and asks for a pen softly touching my arm, she says, ” I have to write a letter to my lover.” Floating across the room, she turns, with a button she slips from my shirt. Bare bottom, by the time I reach her the steam in shower envelopes […]

I didn’t see her coming still, this is where she wants to shine. My silhouette in the dark, it’s all hers. She puts hers arms around my neck, this time though, she starts to whisper the lyrics from our playlists, undressed. In the warm recesses, her curves are a treasure map showing locations to her […]

Aggressive defenders habitual creatures awake at night be careful they hold true grudges they actually remember from year to year they’ll come to you. Once chosen a crowded city is ideal it’s nice to be around them they blend in apartments don’t mind these free spirits of nature bringing beauty to the whole a soft […]

I’m waiting all night for you to end your bad week, to finally log off, and fall asleep. I’m secretly singing to you making sure the lights aren’t too bright. I love you, I swear to God I’m waiting until you wake again to see if luck changes. I’m singing our secret songs again. All […]

On your down days, I promise I’ll be by your side reading lyrics again from songs we made in our playlists. I can still see you coming for the speaker, we used to play next to your bed. Those perfect moments, time was different I came to take you, I know, oh I know I’m […]

Hit me up if you fall I could make things feel all better and good. Simple promises by even simpler words you can pay me back by rebounding, let’s sit elbows to elbows at dinner sharing conversations and the food. It’s always about the food first, followed by sex and dessert at 3am. It’s better […]

Don’t stand here next to me the drop will be here in a few minutes. The price being paid is unexpected, a man approaches and offers to do it, I refuse any and all help. I’m standing anxiously at the exact spot, the drop’s instructions were explicit. Across my left shoulder is a strip bar […]

When need and want are mixed, waiting on someone is impossible. Just hurry and finish your shift, she can easily feel the pressure too. Living off tips, she’d freely give her remaining tables away, she can’t right now there’s too much at stake. One can’t always choose the exact perfect direction to take. The risk […]

Having all the little triggers her obvious advantage swelling and coming over me. I easily tower over the girl, seriously, she demands perfection it’s not enough I’m that different. Lately though, I’ve asked her to pick it up and shower me. Her one of a kind reply, was a surprise by turning the tables. She […]

Thinking we knew what life was like underneath a surface full of exploit, she tried to obey the rules of the streets. She thought she was keeping us shielded and guarded from a world. Eventually though, it was all too much for her she fell to the bottom to the scum of the earth. No […]

Hands ache to touch and feel, today waited impatiently for me to wake and get the words out. My expensive friend asked to hold hands with me. I was surprised I meant so much to her. Everything has always been so one sided, I don’t mind going along with the charade. Today against all the […]

Time has always been kind to me. The hands have forgiven most things. My true love asked if I could wait, I honestly didn’t mind because there’s really no other choice. She has traveled all this way, on broken knees to palms, making sure that I felt loved always letting me sip on whatever cup. […]

Buried in bed alongside her a girl twists the sheets, she can’t stop smiling, her tourniquet is tied tightly around our waists. She wants an answer, it’s impossible to say no to that. She frantically looks for nail polish and insists I’m in charge for how her toes looks tonight. She asks why I have […]

I’ve started and stopped three times, each time coming to the top again. With a new title and a fresh thought again, words should be allowed to live. There is something very obvious in the way words affect us all. I can’t tell how badly I want a… There are some who instantly meet up, […]

With a joyous revolt against words there is this blessed silence, and by no means was this edit a choice of yours. Stubbornness I guess is the last elusive thorn to conquer. Whether you choose to take a stance or choose to go silent both can have a very loud impact. Trust fall, you have […]

A reviewing critic I’m standing in a sea of strangers amidst a nightlife that is alive and well. Up there on stage, we see eye to eye the girl who sings about a guy playing a guitar, alone in a freezing garage. Today is a special day, she announces, the strangers yell for another song. […]

Time and attention falls freely on both sides, and just as I start to speak freely you too take notice. There is a natural equality to the way you nurture and no matter the role you’re eager to play the part. It’s in the way you look and see things causing this envious side to […]

Not wanting to explain why I placed a loaded kiss on your mouth I was hoping you felt the urgency coming from my lips. I need to say I love you standing face to face the cup overflows you step from that little dress. These are the sensitive hours for sure. Wanting to ignore my […]

The sky is threatening, still, I swallow the truth and wait. Winds pick at the edges and it’s hard not to notice, just how dependent I’ve become. Silence has settled peacefully, I wait here for the eye to come. Caught up in the moment I yearn for you. Prayers churn inside, and so I meditate […]

Temperamental living the promise has always been I’ll take care of you. Eyes centered and focused keeping the minutes clear from all distractions. Even when your mom starts it up I’ll keep your chin high above all the bullshit. When she starts judging your decisions, we’ll respectfully turn and smile because it’s all coming from […]

In our dogs years time can pass on by quickly. I bet they don’t hold grudges, they can’t, especially the way they wag their tales each time they see us. I’d swear they understand our language certain parts of it anyway. Unless of course, they’re lying to us. Just think if they had long-term memory […]

There are no regrets when we accept we won’t be strangers from this point forward, I’ll need to rent some space in my head so you make room and move on over. It’s a shame it’s taken so long for me to find you, listening to all these songs up against it all convincing myself […]

A first time goes for everything, so meeting someone for the first time after a decade of information from a couple of conversations we’re both feeling confident. She explains she needs to perform a lynch pin ritual, not exactly sure what this means the curiosity was more than enough what started with an innocent look […]

Anonymous in a line putting words on a screen I watch her balance all the little things. With rain making everything all clean and spotless everyone guards against the supposed cold weather and all the little things. Yesterday, a family friend spent his last day here on earth and all we want to know are […]

With the biggest dreams ever conceived, attention comes and floods the streets. Everyone has to have a piece whatever it was, you were giving away. Maybe it’s because your clothes will be changing hands or the simple fact, they used to be yours. Those expensive jackets you just leave there on your bedroom floor. Clutter […]

These are the days we share, and in everyone, we find our someone. Looking through a, ‘Lost and Found’ we’re reminded, these used items used to be someones gift. Yesterday, and against all the rest, it was starting to look like the rain, wasn’t going to stop, but instead, we were able to hold hands […]

I can hear the rain more than I can see it. Here, against a quiet hum, the refrigerator works to keeps things frozen. Out the window rain and wind mix, the view is a mess, there’s nothing left, but to sit here and take it all in. My rescued German Shepherd, Shiva, seems to remember […]

Perhaps you shouldn’t have made mention that it’s been entirely way too long since I’ve written anything. The problem now is, I can’t stop putting the words to thought. Maybe it’ll mean you’ll spend hours trying to sit comfortably with me inside, just as I go along writing too much in one day. I can […]

My 3am focus has always been the same, each time I curl up in bed to write the words again hoping the tiny light is dim enough. This hour sits and devours My attention, it’s always been My handsome hour when I can write about pretty things. Far from love-struck eyes, I can clearly see […]

Today I saw her bones. There is a winter storm warning everyone tries not to worry, tonight the weather will change. There was a place  where we used to kiss, when she wore her favorite summer dress. Now, everything is being covered in snow by morning it’s sure to be covered and gone. This is […]

With plain speak on my mind I still trip every time, I come across her words. Words that are dripping wet with expectation and want, the desire to please. There is this certain pulse and beat. It would be tragic if, we never made a duet a mixtape of our words, dancing and flirting with […]

A Stolen Empire I The loud explosions were viscous against our building, it felt like the walls were going to collapse in and around us.   I could see shadowy figures running about in frantic chaos, just outside my tiny window. Everyone was screaming and I couldn’t help but flinch with each new wave. My […]

I’d pretty much do anything to show how using lower case text works. Words are important to me in a way that sunshine feels on a grey day when you sit against a warm window it’s nature’s hug when nothing else works. Lower case words are meant to show a soft demurely kind of way […]

The sky might be one hundred degrees with the sun being brilliantly bright, but in my head, the sky is falling grey storm clouds, I’ll stay in bed all day. I know I can’t check out like that so I’ll walk around in a haze in my head, the girl is just right there. I […]

It was nice to be invited back into her bed. I had the perfect gift to celebrate this new occasion of finding her again. In there, she does not have to pretend she whispers for my approval. I hand her the gift. Her eyes were filled with that look ‘You didn’t have to do this.’ […]

She hesitates for just a moment, it’s already too late. Sergei approaches her with tense muscles, barking at her to “get up.” His voice was rich and authoritative all at once and it was never wise to make him repeat himself. The girl was never given a name, and typically children born like this were […]

It’s hard to get across a messy floor covered in all the little shards. Sometimes the relationship is easier when things are clearly defined. In the Dominant/submissive world there are these hard and soft limits. Here is an example an example of soft numbered in no particular order. These are the easy everyday limits 1. […]

With eyes raised up in attention nothing ever gets by her and instead of blurting out an answer she asks for permission instead. There are simple rules really, one must ask to speak privately with permission of course. The words always come officially stamped, she’s allowed to speak freely. Oh to dream while one is […]

I’ll come there I promised I’d prop you back up. We probably won’t be able to talk for a while at first though. Words aren’t enough this time, they’re too stuck inside to say anything helpful right now. It’s probably fine though, you won’t mind sorting out the voices inside. This past month has shoved […]

I’m finding it hard in fact to understand why my conversation was ever interupted. She had other plans for sure tonight. Hurry and get ready! She gave access as motivation and then stared deeply, with eyes that refused to stop from breaking a world record attempt. I eventually convinced myself to accept the things that […]

Tonight I had to ask, just as I rushed to the edge of the bathroom door I wanted to watch you getting ready, so I’d understand in a slightly better way if those wings of yours were in fact, real? I must have danced a thousand different thoughts thinking how much I’ve been loved in […]

Apparently tonight I have a mouthful of words I’m dying to get out. A fever has been burning acres today. Ablaze on my skin I turn to her, oh, she’s already gone. Left to deal with the treasures I know exactly which things I’ll let burn. The sky is prettier than I imagined, this crimson […]

A love of the sandy coast we can’t help ourselves, but to dig in and tear into our clothes. No one really noticed back when we were all sunbathing last summer free falling into each other’s open arms. We were so weightless then watching now seems impossible. Scantily half dressed, almost naked we could care […]

The soft and precious hour something delicate about her body vulnerable to the terrible cold. We’ve been waiting since August for the weather to finally turn. The expectations in her bath a performance of a lifetime. Deviant pleasurable plans exploit my desire this is much more than just soap and water. There are definite steps […]

Touched by her return a sliver of an edge truly points upwards. I turn to fully accept her, this part of our dance, we know the steps. Whatever the glue is that binds us will obviously last a lifetime. Who knew that this sticky connection could never be questioned by either of us. Temptation’s half […]

The city sleeps tonight this chill keeps everyone huddled, closed, and wrapped up inside. It’s easy to ignore the ache and hunger. There is something about tasting nothing, until the sun rises causing things to stir. Our warm nest of a bed shields us until the alarm claws, and my eyes must wake. I have […]

Standing toe to toe with her the rounds have all been scored and counted. Eyes up into eyes this time she squares her opponent up. She figures he’s an easy mark simply lull him to trust again, there’s no way he’d fall for it. For a while, they danced around making promises of taking it […]

I think I knew I couldn’t get it right, because I knew my resolution’s fate. Here I’m now fighting a lopsided fight. The girl with charms will always get me every time. See, I can’t see beyond this night come tomorrow I’ll go blind and forget the resolution promise. I seriously want to be, her […]

Words on a mission trying to convince a girl I’ll probably need more of her. Sure, I expect her to react to the spring in the jets. It’s just that I’m feeling everything is so different especially with her. She can give a curious look, right along with her lay-low get down commands. Time and […]

She just left with my feelings in her bag. I watched her, while she picked up the trail of things in reverse order. It took hours for her to get ready earlier, but seconds to undress showing me the difference in her body now. Fuck, I love her. A night with heavy love-making it was […]

With unquestioning eyes she has arrived unannounced. Violet returns to the side of me where she has already left once before. She’s returned to give her blessed mark to me. Come tonight, she’ll beg to give whatever it takes, to use her body twice. This intense desire of hers marks her official return. With a […]

  Hiding her in the pit of my stomachit’s hard to think of having hernext to the girl, I’m supposed to marry.I can’t tell if this sickness is really somethingmore than a 24-hour bug,it’s just, I can’t hide herinside my head any longer.I’ve felt this love-drawn-sicknessfor years now, and stillshe has no ideashe’s my biggest […]

There are easy ways to give and accept control. Pretend if you can, because I really don’t want to ask a hundred more times,if you can see this placewhere a King and Queen live.I’m all excited to share where things are hanging aroundwaiting to tie and mark your skin.Without ever truly understandinghow all this meandering really worksI’m […]

Addiction just wasn’t something I ever thought I’d have to pay. In order to experience this kind of girl meant I’d have to go to different kind of place. The truth serum slipped easily into veins, it’s hard to admit at being such a willing participant. Especially when, right and wrong we’re staring at me […]

From the start the kissing hour was my surprise I was mixed up inside. Maybe luck was down for an hour. She wanted to fully take me to set me free from between her legs. We always promised, we’d ride for hours. Broken or otherwise it never really mattered because that thing inside was in […]

On the surface, everything new and beautiful will at some point start to erase. Yesterday, like all the rest iniquitous signs came to light. Companionship came along with it’s true fair warning, Even from this sensitive place no one saw what was coming. Beauty will eventually betray. When all along ritual praying should have been […]

That inner pleasure sourcewhere you swear your God exists,it’s in that last placeyou’re always forgetting where to look.I don’t want redemption nowor a refill from a newly found stash.Step back and look at the totality,that corner part of your soul,where you swore you wouldn’t look at anymore.  I must of heard this commotion a hundred times […]

Lines of love clearly drawn out there sits this tiny bungalow deep on the inside of me. Rigidly enclosed, I keep to my words my mistress on a frontline I suppose. Always having some emotion to write about. There sits this intriguing blueprint where devotion takes on this ordered formality. In an ancient relic of […]

I want the television to tell the truth. I promise to search and save the titles to my profile. Come tomorrow, we’ll commit ourselves to the asylum of our bed. We’ll lay and binge watch Season and episode 1. I’d be much happier if, we could agree on the same title. We could fold up […]

Hours spent counting the connection each tiny moment an investment. Frustratingly slow movements, still, time had no interest just as long as we remained committed to saving and putting stupid mistakes on hold. Our love-currency, in other words, had no real penalties or defaults. With enough in our savings by now we could look forward […]

One of my favorite places is where I’m walking through neon streets with headphones making it impossible to stop and start a conversation. 24 hours can take an eternity, just as the night drags and soothes the sun can drown all our eyes making enlightenment that much harder. The weight of the last few days, […]

Around a tightly woven fist she tiptoes and balances, her entire body, on a centered square inch. There is no one left to save her, he steps forward with her instructions. She nods with the go ahead. For a girl who has never truly given she’s about to hand her leash to him. Bound by […]

She turns with an open wrist to the faucet’s hot stream,and the harder she triesto heat her bloodthe further she slips away.She fears these nightswithout any affectionconfirm she’s been turned down. The longer she lingersher fears play in her mind.In this dreamed perfectionshe’s afraid to close her eyes.Everything was triggered perceived by rejectionshe hated denial’s words.She swore […]

Gentle imagessit and stain virgin pages.Pretty are the words,hands are clasped behind the back.Submission wrapped around a pencilhe was the Queen’s poet.Keeping eyes from eyes this time,while in a praying position, he begs for her control.Her swift decisions are always final.The days keep rolling,just as her popularity growsshe’s all too distant.He, in charge of her wordsbeautiful […]

She came at me with a needle and tourniquet, and that addict part of me really had no other choice, but to extend my virgin side, so she could inject herself deep inside of me. A nirvana like rush my heart is dangerously close to needing a Narcan dose. We fuck for the first real […]

There’s this very bold and shiny world where want-to-be girls dress up to accentuate their curves. And all of us have no real issue paying the admissions price. Crammed and popular still, we watch with a curious smile. The girls look stunningly real. It’s fun watching this crowd “who is or isn’t” one can’t help […]

With something new she walks  up into eyes. I know I’ve seen  this look before, still, she’s hovering  over my shoulder half whispering,  giving me this thing to drink. I  look and half scan making sure that the girl and I share whatever is in this can. With heavy sips we finish, and toss whatever […]