Even if I were the one diagnosed with something epic, instead of a girl in Hawaii I guess I’d still ask if you wanted to write to me for however long it took me to rearrange my life. Today I guess I’m ready to listen to your diagnosis I’ll probably stop you 50 times or […]

Tell Me again how many times you’d spread yourself, like some blessed thin layer offering yourself to others? In the curve of the left arm she held the needle still eyes were locked into eyes, “Hurry love!” In an instant the fire was lit so alive now  burning white hot. One must admit to have […]

The fact is my love is an impossible task like a half-assed look or glance. Oh this must of meant I wasn’t all that interested, when in fact, my attention is yours. Of course, I’ll do whatever whenever I am forced even if that meant I’d have to use a pair of sterile hands to […]

Lonely kisses to an upturned chin too long have you stood at that door. Waiting on yesterday still, here are your exclusive words simply said in a way that only you could decipher or name. Yes it is your perfume that gets my attention to turn in the air that still hangs it forces me […]

Underweight, my words seem a little anemic when compared to the bloated world that surrounds me here. I feel the temperature in my throat it’s almost time to take you to that sacred place. Retreat with me I’ll keep your head afloat slightly above the rim. I won’t let you drown under the weight of […]

I can’t sleep until I’ve come here and knocked on this door to try and wake you into existence. We haven’t met, yet I can describe you in exacting detail. My lover is already in me, I am not seeking you, but merely waiting on a chance meeting in order to be in awe and […]

The pleasure comes from the source. I don’t mind waiting on a certain kind of girl. She turns, her smile escapes and my mind goes blank. I’ve never seen this kind of look before when she put her eyes squarely on me. She claimed the words were all hers. I want more time, from that […]

When colors fade from old photographs life’s timeline is hard to ignore. Maybe memories work the same, with time against them it’s hard to recall, just exactly how you sounded or replied when we spoke. In all those old photographs, I’m your age now, I guess time travel is actually possible. The hour now, is […]

I can’t quite express with all due respect this feeling I get when I crawl inside and begin to write. I hope not to bore you my euphoric joy lasting adequately enough in order to get everything out. Words to me matter much simple or otherwise. Each syllable or subtle rhyme mixed and gathered put […]

There aren’t many people who could match my intensity, it’s been easy loving you. A better part of me fell over and landed upside down that piece mixed with you. There are laws of attraction you intrinsically make us love, by asking without questions, it’s something in your eyes, the way you look so colorful. […]

Getting to the stairwell the rain threatens to strike us all, even if it hasn’t actually touched us yet we’re ready for its downpour. I can feel you squeezing pulling me into a crevice. Questions come because the sky is so dark I am all out of breath, it’s hard to answer when I’m staring […]

Beneath a night of mostly cold skies, I turned to face the girl and gave the look. She knew exactly what I wanted coming from her against this frigid night. We were standing near trees without leaves, freezing. She puts her hands in my pockets, smiled. The three layers mean’t I wouldn’t feel her attempt […]