When Lovers Meet

I can’t sleep until I’ve come here and knocked on this door to try and wake you into existence. We … More

Treasure Hunt

The pleasure comes from the source. I don’t mind waiting on a certain kind of girl. She turns, her smile … More

From Pictures Back Then

When colors fade from old photographs life’s timeline is hard to ignore. Maybe memories work the same, with time against … More

Writing Craft

I can’t quite express with all due respect this feeling I get when I crawl inside and begin to write. … More


There aren’t many people who could match my intensity, it’s been easy loving you. A better part of me fell … More

Questions First

Getting to the stairwell the rain threatens to strike us all, even if it hasn’t actually touched us yet we’re … More

Mercy My Brother

The new steps take hold of me. I stand here in front of you, you listen from behind your door. … More