Love Injected

Tell Me again how many times you’d spread yourself, like some blessed thin layer offering yourself to others? In the curve of the left arm she held the needle still eyes were locked into eyes, “Hurry love!” In an instant the fire was lit so alive now  burning white hot. One must admit to have … Continue reading Love Injected

Treasure Hunt

The pleasure comes from the source. I don't mind waiting on a certain kind of girl. She turns, her smile escapes and my mind goes blank. I've never seen this kind of look before when she put her eyes squarely on me. She claimed the words were all hers. I want more time, from that … Continue reading Treasure Hunt

Writing Craft

I can't quite express with all due respect this feeling I get when I crawl inside and begin to write. I hope not to bore you my euphoric joy lasting adequately enough in order to get everything out. Words to me matter much simple or otherwise. Each syllable or subtle rhyme mixed and gathered put … Continue reading Writing Craft


There aren't many people who could match my intensity, it's been easy loving you. A better part of me fell over and landed upside down that piece mixed with you. There are laws of attraction you intrinsically make us love, by asking without questions, it's something in your eyes, the way you look so colorful. … Continue reading Intrinsic

Magic Coins

The streets were busy again the unfamiliar rain causes almost everyone to walk along arm in arm. The sky has been threatening all day we ignored the forecasts, yeah right, we probably shouldn't have, in introspect this is the heavy hour for a downpour. I'm approached by homeless girl, "Do you have any extra guitar … Continue reading Magic Coins