I am no ones perfect against a million blinks and sighs I can’t help but do this look stare in all honesty, I’m standing here just wanting to fall on top of you. If it meant I needed to confess I’d be the first to admit, I’d bend on broken knee to palm and say […]

The spirited change I gain when I’m near or next to you, there is this fucked up detonation I can’t stop thinking of the girl, it’s quite dangerous if we touch. Yesterday, wearing that tiny swimsuit I watched their envious eyes clip and undress the rest of you naked in such a public way. The […]

Like yesterday and the day before we want things to remain the same, to be all predictable and boring just as it’s always been. Honestly, you’ve lied to us before I know what’s coming, come tomorrow, with her heavy rains for some time now even I tried to ignore the quiet with everything being so […]