To tell the truth we ask if anyone cares, they won’t begin to answer. There’s always someone out there that one true giver begging to be the one who is forever chosen to out perform all the rest. Would you sit even closer if I had been the one to ask I nudge her closer […]

Against a wall we are burdened in heavy thoughts. Still, one of us has to be reminded how to love. Yesterday when we sat atop the news we spent hours trying to talk, quietly, the words never came we inspected the images in silence. Today we face the news we stare at our beloved everlasting […]

There are words, and then there are other words. Time is about to break again time will go against time and not be my friend. I’ll find myself on the other side, hiccup crying or otherwise lost somewhere in my throat choking on a devastated memory. This ugliness has shown its face before. I am […]

The beauty code erupted inside a locking sequence had engaged she swore she’d never feel this way there on the edge brokenness she wasn’t so beautiful then keeping her toes face forward whatever was inside would most likely pass. Everything else always did. She briefly looked into a mirror, still as pretty as ever, just […]

Early October 2018 my good friend Jo was diagnosed stage 4 breast cancer. The mass in her is currently inoperable, which means chemotherapy is the option. This is Jo’s 2nd attempt at fighting breast cancer, just this time all treatment options are limited. Jo works full time teaching in Hawaii, because of contract rules with […]

Time and attention beliefs, she asks, can you follow all of my commands? He stumbles forward into place, she undoes that one specific clasp, she asks, do I need to remind you always keep up with the duty at hand. She quickly jerked him in place, now on all fours, she squared her 2 point […]

There on top of a treasure sat my most prized possession. I can catch myself staring into trouble, the girl and her charms demand my time and attention are exclusively hers. She’s free to push whatever button, as long as she agrees, to care. Not carry my temperamental mood neatly in her side pocket. We […]