She craved the sensitive words  wanting that infectious tight grip taking her to an edge tiptoeing trying to keep up. The stinging kisses left their mark and none of her friends could ever truly understood. The truth in leather I suppose, this particular girl liked being spanked, it was her delightful pleasure source. The one […]

With more and more I suppose we’ve started to collect and gather our unique and divine love~trinkets. In our late night hour jaunts our busy hands are magnetized touching and hiding in places we probably don’t belong, but still I’d rather be in this place alongside the girl with the heavy eyes. I never have […]

Words sit strangled, choked by two sets of thoughts, here she sits separate, but equal. Some words come from us, our handsome stranger, unwavering in truth and kindness unless there is a lie that needs to be told. We give perhaps more than what was initially bargained. There is this whole other side, where she […]

Unapologetic music plays ever so sweetly, while the weight of yesterday turns we made out and did other things. From across the bedroom two very proper arrows stuck and found their perfect mark. Still, we insist on taking turns trying not to flinch or turn, the sweat on our bodies is pretty. The want plays […]

I felt like loving again here against a second chance today something stirred in her too. She reached out just the same to me, coming across the finish line all out of breath and sincere, for as blind as I might be even I know what the truth to be. This time won’t be any […]