Set The Limits

It’s hard to get across a messy floor

covered in all the little shards.

Sometimes the relationship is easier

when things are clearly defined.

In the Dominant/submissive world

there are these hard and soft limits.

Here is an example an example of soft

numbered in no particular order.

These are the easy everyday limits

1. Be goal oriented

2. Ask to speak freely

3. Spend time and attention on your look

4. Call if you’re late

5. Open mindedness

6. Write in your journal

7. Practice patience

8. Careful of the tone

9. I’ll let you know when and where

10. Have a plan

With all that out of the way

We come to the ‘Deal Breakers’

the list of hard limits

come with a much heavier, final price

here is a list of ten

1. Simply be honest. Don’t ever lie

2. Be faithful

3. Avoid arguing

4. Smoking is situational

5. Avoid the silent avoidance

6. Complete the tasks

7. Food etiquette

8. Hygiene

9. Did I mention, never lie?

10. Always want what’s best

Obviously these lists are negotiated,

always discussed and clearly understood.

Also called a living document

where they can change with time.

Remember these aren’t

a bunch of insecure barking rules

meant for the submissive.

Each side should define their limits

whether they’re hard or soft

it’s important to understand

you get what you give

in this world.

Lastly, always keep things

safe and sane. Good luck

*If you’re interested in learning more about the D/s lifestyle I’ve created a series of 12 lessons for both Dominant and submissive. Let me know and I’ll help.*


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