On the surface,

everything new and beautiful

will at some point start to erase.

Yesterday, like all the rest

iniquitous signs came to light.

Companionship came along with

it’s true fair warning,

Even from this sensitive place

no one saw what was coming.

Beauty will eventually betray.

When all along

ritual praying

should have been enough

to keep the faith going.

Now on broken knees to palms.

Obviously, there is a glitch

in this kind of thinking

where being affectionate with one

would be enough.

Only few are granted

that rare and cherished gift

to be the ones whom

we rely on most.

When all the well wishing

has gone and dried up

to be left that friendship

the true mark of companionship

the true mark of love.

What takes place

in the hundreds of hours

in true deep discussion

can be easily lost.

Nothing happens by accident

somewhere recent or a long time ago

the wish was whispered

to back of a God’s ear

and it’s been answered.

Do not take

being a friend

for granted,


The favorite places

so often locally visited

aren’t accidental happenstances,

just as an excuse suggests

some other meaning

make no mistake

friendship is a powerful plan.

Modern philosophers

would proudly suggest,

to stay in your own lane,

and for the most part we have.

These, are the thoughts

of a poet perhaps,

who has chosen

with careful consideration

the weight of these words.

Don’t pretend you can’t understand

the underlayment

that softens the message.

The flawed friend at hand

exists in all of all of us,

it is in our judgement and character

most apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Such iniquitous acts,

happen all the time.

So why focus on this decision?

It’s just hard to understand

the friend who was asked

to be my loyal companion.

It wasn’t like I wanted

a sculpture carved from granite.

Simply scratch something simple,

an easy kind of friendship

from the softest rock known to man.

Yet, here we are,

tools abandoned,

the soapstone friendship

exactly where it was left.

Forgiveness is beauty

our Gods have taught us that

when even the simplest of tasks

can be another person’s

tortured burden,

still, we must forgive.

The lesson at hand

is always expect and ask

a person to be faithful

and cherish the friendship.

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