Accidental or otherwise she was dancing as per usual wearing mismatched socks, pretty much nothing else could divert my eyes from her. I swore I wouldn’t let her show up again like some well meaning stranger showing me this new move or step. Innocent or otherwise I may as well admit I’ve signed myself over […]

Heavy hands, wanting that girl back, in this, the playful season the summer of 2020. That cold insensitive look coming from the girl wearing black lipstick. The night skies are all warm perfect for keeping the windows open and this is how the day starts trying to beat the sunrise. It’s summer now, the girl […]

There on the edge a blanketed room quickly filled, she stood there, fists at the ready. Cheering to the punches she squarely landed the blows front page news, she was in love and she took every possible chance to bring her opponent down. Looking in awe at the display modern barbarism at play here she […]