A Mouthful of Words

Apparently tonight

I have a mouthful of words

I’m dying to get out.

A fever has been burning acres today.

Ablaze on my skin

I turn to her, oh, she’s already gone.

Left to deal with the treasures

I know exactly which things

I’ll let burn.

The sky is prettier than I imagined,

this crimson burning in my eyes

I swear it can’t last much longer.

The clock drags its fingers across

and I can’t even begin to tell you

what so many people forgot today.

The love in the air though,

fills all the other voids.

Our special handful

they’re the ones who know

how to spend those meaningful hours

on the colored pages

we so easily flip through.

Piles of feelings get all bunched up

damming my mind

flooding the reasons why

I was thankful today was beautiful.

Unanswered or otherwise

I’m all choked up inside

try and remember why

poetry is the missing piece of me.

Everything else is easily seen,

but not this,

and you should have known better

than forget what time the sun rose today.

The choice to peek was easy at first

half squinting, still you looked,

the sun being so easy and abundant,

just giving away perfect skin

until everything changes

a permanent dark spot appears

in the field of your vision

it’s the price now.

Who cares though,

there are a million other flowers

that would love to grow

in that field of yours.

Eventually, someone all new and shiny

will act like they’re blind too,

just to sit alongside you,

and tell you how beautiful

you already are.

You’ll listen with a narcissistic stare

acting like you’ve heard none of this before.

Thank goodness though,

a full year of making new memories

it’s something to look forward to.

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