The Everlasting Event

Touched by her return

a sliver of an edge truly points upwards.

I turn to fully accept her,

this part of our dance, we know the steps.

Whatever the glue is that binds us

will obviously last a lifetime.

Who knew that this sticky connection

could never be questioned by either of us.

Temptation’s half full glass

will never truly empty, especially when

one cannot change who they are inside.

All built up and interwoven from time.

I turn and ask in my cryptic way,

where should we go and eat tonight?

Eventually, we come to some agreement

where to have our Friday night meal.

Everything has always started with food,

the take out desserts we couldn’t eat.

That universal hour of starvation

forever and always is at 4 a.m., it’s when I write while you sneak to the fridge.

Returning to feed me a half eaten last bite.

I miss her, even when she’s lying next to me.

It’s hard to be near her,

and not have her hand in mine.

My obvious codependent love

creates the perfect scenario for her

to come and go as she pleases or wants.

Try as I must, it’s impossible, just ask

the girl who drunk dials even when

she knows she’s walking in the ashes.

I am right there beside her,

right along with a thousand other souls

that aimlessly roam the halls.

Sure, we can say we’re sleep walking, but

this is something much more serious

the glue that binds has no quick release.

I can still remember that first kiss.

The secret touch of our tongues

slow and apprehensive at first

gauging the want vs need.

I thirst to kiss her again,

those moments would be enough to live for a lifetime.

There is something about having someone’s undivided attention.

The everlasting event of her return

must mean something.

I just need to figure it out before she

up and leaves in flight.

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