I Want to Finish

I’m finding it hard in fact

to understand why

my conversation was ever interupted.

She had other plans for sure tonight.

Hurry and get ready!

She gave access as motivation

and then stared deeply,

with eyes that refused to stop

from breaking a world record attempt.

I eventually convinced myself to accept

the things that made little to no sense

were well worth her spontaneous thoughts.

Every moment was a new twist

we’d clearly be having some amazing fun.

My avoidance was misunderstood,

it’s so typical me,

to be standing there all dressed and ready

waiting to use the bathroom

and run into her.

I’m not exactly sure why

this attraction is such a punch to the gut,

but I get surprised every time

she does her makeup.

Some 18 months ago

we were dressed and ready,

just like tonight,

eyes met and it was no use really

we were buried underneath her sheets

smearing and ruining her lipstick.

With the playlist into its 3rd song

we still had time to make dinner

we’d have to hurry and clean up.

Now instead, I avoid her eyes

when she’s getting ready.

It’s too much of a temptation

to take what is already mine.

Beauty has its price for sure

we’re constantly starving

for each other’s attention,

just imagine having a thirst

that is never quenched.

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