Standing underneath a grove of autumn treesthe girl and her charmscompliment each other. One can’t really tellwhere the sky beginsall that I can confess,I can only stare. There are certain wordsthat are so often whispered a thousand different ways of course. I watch as she stepsthe ground sits converedin the most colorful of leaves. Her […]

Out on the couchthe fire is too hot,she gives herself a toastto new beginnings. Her glass is full of iceit’s there to cool her temperamental side. That side where,she’s a seductive scientistcreating the chemistrydrawing me to her. I owe her nowfor putting these imagesdeep inside my mind. Seductively,she’s always so quietI honestly can’t tell anyonehow […]

This is my early hourstanding alongside a bitter night,just as I’ve always done. The sun is on the vergeof staging another battleI try to keep the moonfrom her bitter rival. Oh what I’ve done?The early songbirdsare getting ready to sing,perhaps this is the morningthe jealous moon has already won. From the heavensto our beloved GodsI […]

If in a dayI saw you loveI could easily pretendto ignore your love.Would youcontinue to bemy one and only?I implore you loveto choose your one,either way,just say the wordsor remain silentjust as you’ve done. I can very easily remain in my worldsimply to be a fooland write how muchI love you. I dare those wordscome […]

I wonder if you’ll truly laugh, like how you did when you were barefoot walking on our muddied path. Are you that same silly girl that could remember a thousand words and then recite them in no time flat. I ask this of you simply because I’m starting to forget just how and why exactly […]

Crushed black velvet her favorite color against her dark corduroy. This oversized sweater coat a double wrapped covering around her kind of curvy waist. Two very large buttons, hide the girl all hidden away. First things first, or her first expression to me always making sure “Are you ok?” Dressed up tonight against the bitter […]

Can you hear me? I get the fever has a hold on her I have drowned inside myself trying not to use her exact words. I’m comfortable being vague meaning nothing to her from the outside at least. I’ve long since washed her away, my mind is stuck and spinning she was technically my first […]

Even if, I could stand far away from her she’d still insist I come closer to her because she wants to hear me read her favorite books. Nighttime air she loves to lie here half dressed sometimes, just to make sure my eyes still wander. There’s more to her I can honestly swear she keeps […]

The girl has spent weeks now learning the new rules with more of the lessons still to go, it was time to show what she knew. Instructions were as simple as Time and Attention are yours, unsure, but confident inside in to the gathering she strode. First, an older gentleman holding coins asking her to […]

I can clearly see where it is you’re coming from. You’re my one true hero not some bitter man that can’t let go. I love when unspoken words are truly left unopened. I can’t wait to be picked back up, so I can rest in your hands. I close my eyes and wish on you, […]