Tonight the sky shattered,way up overhead,there sits a million little parts. It’s hard most timesnot being with you,the one I love the most. Perhaps the sky shattered on purposethe twinkling little lightsare there to draw us up,eyes stare up into eyesit’s hard here without you. I know I’ve pushed you awayto create more space. I […]

The story begins like this,on a warm summer’s evethere was a nervousnessthe two lovers kept apartby the rules of the Kingdom. Unable to obey anymoreone snuck into the night,and from the startthe risk of being caughtonly added to their excitement. Oh, but to smell her once againto hand hold and stare,standing just under her windowa […]

On a platformit’s strange standing here,elevated above everyone else. I swear I’m trying to come up with the wordsto help explain exactly howthis stolen feelingis buried within. Strangers push on me,it’s obvious I’m in the wayI’ve been this waylong before now. I push back,keeping my groundI honestly carewhat some may thinkI’m not moving until I […]

The start of my first and onlyI swear I can stare at her for hours,but just as equally, I could turn and walk away. I’m convinced, she’s my hero,each and every timeI close my eyes,it’s impossible not to search for her. My hero persists becauseshe filled this voidleft vacant centuries ago. Sure, she’s horrendously flawed,it’s […]

Into the gentle nightbirdsongs have gone all quiettheir anxiously waitingto see who will emergefrom that once broken blind. The girl and her charms,she has these stories to tellagainst a softly broken accentI love figuring out her words. What’s even better,learning that ancient languagehard against the universal truthscertain phrases in ones tonguehave the identical meaning. So […]