There are love-sick words found in the good envelopes where I get the chance to relieve my love drawn eyes. To simply read your soft openings in the words where you confess just how much you love me and mine. Anything that comes from your love stained hands I’m drawn to you and yours. No […]

The agreed upon set of words always meant we’d have time those minutes came fast and flooding. And all at once we were deep inside, living the words in songs in love, technically there was nowhere to stand. Me and those hands, I hope you won’t mind when I reach in and grab that little […]

Once the numbers had started we knew there was no going back. So early and often, each turn was met with a choice, and so, the number combinations stopped being a coincidence. With the girl firmly in hand she secretly swore, these feelings we were having were simply passing pounding. I was eager to believe […]

Motivated to try and inch up getting close means the trigger source will be there to touch and play with a string of heavy demands commanding time and attention to be exclusively ours. In other words, what I meant to say was go ahead and come close tiptoe there on the edge, so that eyes […]

With a thousand blinks and sighs Violet hid quietly from the world. And up until her words needed life she was perfectly content in knowing she loved with everything never leaving things for chance. Against the usual misunderstandings she was more than tangled inside living with a half-broken heart Violet was denied the truth. With […]

The choice is between the written or spoken words from the person I’m most in love with, and yes, some can’t comprehend the importance however, I suggest you take a moment and thoroughly explore them. Oh to tell a story with exaggerated expressions arms move and sway with action, there to simply reinforce intentions. We […]

I can clearly taste the exact places you’ve been, because in my eyes, unlike all the rest those traveled places become the cherished little gifts. Stripped for me you stand in your place ready to let me feed your wrist, the first offering. I trace until your eyes fall backwards and in this nothingness of […]