Love-Sick Currency

Hours spent counting the connection

each tiny moment an investment.

Frustratingly slow movements,

still, time had no interest

just as long as we remained committed

to saving and putting

stupid mistakes on hold.

Our love-currency,

in other words,

had no real penalties or defaults.

With enough in our savings by now

we could look forward to some spending.

A birthday was coming soon.

Without any of the usual interruptions

there were no real worries

about those large withdrawals to come.

Money spent came from money earned

we knew we had enough to go around.

The source of all this wealth

seemed all too abundant

time was getting easier and easier

to balance and control.

Our future had always had

been dependent towards

each other making smart decisions.

There is a risk of course,

this kind of dangerous currency

could easily fade in a moments notice.

In other words,

vacant silent days, coupled with

“I’m busy.”

Was all that it took

to instantly collapse the account

into a kind of foreclosure.

The valued love-pin access

was now rejected at every try.

Love-currency no longer in demand.

Void of all meaningful deposits

the love-sick experiment

had all but crashed and failed.

Devalued in its collapse

there were no more shares to give.

Time that was once so honored,

so excited by the tiniest of gains

now lay in bankrupt ruin.

One foretold,

be careful how you spend yourself

don’t let love-sick hours

into or next to your bed.

Tempted by nostalgia perhaps,

a younger freer youth

what was once planned and coveted

sits now like love’s pyramid scheme.

A get rich quick fool

everything has been stolen or sold.

This morning,

came with a price

sure to go back to our other lives

where we simply try to exist

from paycheck to paycheck

with no real plan,

we’ll fight,

just to make ends meet.


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