From the inside time settles and begins to count out loud. This backwards counting clock looking backwards, is not looking back. Over a polished pristine shoulder I know there’s no use in going back there’s no hope in changing you. So little sleep for now, just tiny naps to keep us barely safe far from […]

Cupid has made a final purchase a state of the art bow. This high powered beauty. A bow that’s gaurunteed to pierce through anything. Anyone foolish to stand near him will surely feel his arrow. Especially that golden beauty the one with the glamorous shine. Cupid and his carbon fiber bow, super lightweight and easy […]

Small are the openings when the quiet good times are where we look before we fall. Everybody has a certain way why they look, how they look from the inside out, even the flawed are all pretty. Yesterday, when you actually looked, taking the time to act, like you were some-what interested from the inside […]

With these late thoughts wondering where you’ve gone, perhaps I’m the one, lost, while wading around in this room. A space that is vacant, yet cramped. I’ve come to memorize every inch there’s barely enough space for my thoughts to gather properly. First light comes this morning, that eye opening moment where you find the […]

I can’t wait to run up to the girl the one who’s currently giving herself away, some could say for free. The thrill in the sex hours, lost somewhere in my head I was thinking about forever, it’s been some time since we sat across one another avoiding those judgmental eyes that can’t seem to […]

The early years are so easily wasted the spent lovers lie in the naked streets. Bodies hang loosely over each other, a bitter taste of nicotine stains their lips. Still, those two crave even more much more than the other can give. There has been light constant rain calling for their kissing hour to start. […]

The day I wrote my first poem every inch of my soul was still buried under this deep soil. With miles more still to go, I’ve kept on writing these poems posting a string of non-stop words, some could argue they make little sense, while others have spent hours digging themselves even further down. Then […]

After all, today is the moment of truth, with no two ways about it, it’s getting harder and harder this thing I’m trying to explain. There are some girls who complain about people and their reactions, like an obvious infection, that’s sometimes hard to expel. So perhaps this irrational love feature, most likely genomed in […]