To count every lock, every obstacle of time one can only imagine the time it takes to wander aimlessly around trying to choose the exact key. Are our first choices always the best to consider or should we wait for a different answer? The longevity of time seems so impossible at times especially when a […]

Each and every time she twists and turns the key I seem to always open up and let her in. The truth in her, she wants to be closer a true part of my skin she’s just not satisfied until we’re both underneath sharing the same things. Love’s decay, holds on to me tightly and […]

Slowly coming in the cold air is finally here. I’m careful now crawling up against her soft textured skin. This girl and her kind of love I’ve never felt before, she’s the one. This girl, and all her romantic charms she slinks up close asks me to pretend with every kiss, she swears, she’s exclusively […]

The girl with conversation ammunition coming from her sweet meritless tongue. She freely speaks with this sexy attitude where there are no limits something that obviously draws and attracts me in. I’m her blind stranger retelling a lifetime of memories I make her laugh I’m afraid to admit she has me in her aim. This […]

With an outstretched voice typed out on this screen, please don’t take offense if I swipe left. There’s something about everyone making them worth being swiped right. I may not feel this culture stumbling around the room going from conversation, to conversation, being judged by questions I’d never ask. Still, I can’t help but consider […]

Tonight the skies went quiet, pandemic’s grasp came swiftly my friend died today a victim to Covid.19. For the first real time, this pandemic, sits at my doorstep. Uncomfortable cannot describe this feeling of unsettled panic like there’s still more of a score to settle. “Want not, waste not.” something my friend would say, perhaps […]

Unclothed the fable of the mermaid lies quietly in my bath. I swore I wouldn’t tell and it’s not likely I’d be believed. Anyway, her soft sounds the relief of finally finding water, this water, with a hint of salt. Slightly above tepid her shoulders glisten recharge just underneath her patterns start to appear. Scale-like […]

What started out as this backwards look or glance the girl turned to inspect the room full of strangers. It didn’t take much to take particular notice the girl had a certain look with eyes all dreamy meant she’d soon be in love. Love stopped all rational thought. Stuck now, with her in mind over […]

Love means you’ll need convincing keep your feet firmly planted there in the sensitive garden. At some point you’ll change you’ll either give or take instructions and just when you think you’re settled you’ll be shown that there in the corner is your biggest secret that has yet to be revealed. Eventually you’ll be convinced […]

The fact is my love is an impossible task like a half-assed look or glance. Oh this must of meant I wasn’t all that interested, when in fact, my attention is yours. Of course, I’ll do whatever whenever I am forced even if that meant I’d have to use a pair of sterile hands to […]

Lonely kisses to an upturned chin too long have you stood at that door. Waiting on yesterday still, here are your exclusive words simply said in a way that only you could decipher or name. Yes it is your perfume that gets my attention to turn in the air that still hangs it forces me […]

A cramped window allows just enough sunlight to feed temptation, to read again. Eyes fall on the latest letter a struggle at this hour oh to only see the girl, standing perfectly still. There in her late night gown or dress it does not matter, just as long as she has come. I bring her […]

With eyes red, dust she’d swear. From the far off reaches Violet was wandering alone in the desert, just as her throat begs, she thinks of her Sir. His heavy handed use of words always flooding her it hasn’t rained in years and yet, Violet is hopeful tonight there will be this downpour. She turns […]

Maybe you won’t say you love me in a way I’d believe, besides, who’s counting the petals she loves me, she loves me not. To the girl who started following today your love of water is all together something I could touch and feel. The newness in words, she struggles still with the weight of […]