She came at me

with a needle and tourniquet,

and that addict part of me

really had no other choice,

but to extend my virgin side,

so she could inject herself

deep inside of me.

A nirvana like rush

my heart is dangerously close

to needing a Narcan dose.

We fuck for the first real time

and there’s something about her

really firm ass in my palm

I can spank her hard.

Just as the drug finally calms

we plateaus in each other’s arms.

I like her a lot,

in and out of consciousness

I can hear her voice pulsing in my ear,

she bites and claws at my skin

I can tell this is going to be

a night of competitiveness

tit for tat.

Our pretty bodies fold in flame

too afraid to go outside

the air is too dangerous to breathe.

There’s no use fighting it,

she injects herself again

deep inside of me.

I fall straight back on my back

watching the ceiling fan blades turn

she takes me inside her mouth

for 20 minutes or so,

she’s devoted to my attention.

I fade in and out again

that Narcan dose is close

lying next to my lover

waiting for the drugs to calm.


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