Bubble Bath

The soft and precious hour something delicate about her body vulnerable to the terrible cold. We’ve been waiting since August … More

The Everlasting Event

Touched by her return a sliver of an edge truly points upwards. I turn to fully accept her, this part … More

It’s Early

The city sleeps tonight this chill keeps everyone huddled, closed, and wrapped up inside. It’s easy to ignore the ache … More

Punch Drunk

Standing toe to toe with her the rounds have all been scored and counted. Eyes up into eyes this time … More


I think I knew I couldn’t get it right, because I knew my resolution’s fate. Here I’m now fighting a … More

It’s All Very Easy

Words on a mission trying to convince a girl I’ll probably need more of her. Sure, I expect her to … More

Just Leav’n

She just left with my feelings in her bag. I watched her, while she picked up the trail of things … More

Violet Returns

With unquestioning eyes she has arrived unannounced. Violet returns to the side of me where she has already left once … More

Love Drawn Sickness

  Hiding her in the pit of my stomachit’s hard to think of having hernext to the girl, I’m supposed … More