Time And Attention

Time and attention

falls freely on both sides,

and just as I start to speak freely

you too take notice.

There is a natural equality

to the way you nurture

and no matter the role

you’re eager to play the part.

It’s in the way you look and see things

causing this envious side to be seen.

I catch myself in awe,

repeating, if only.

There are moments I cherish,

certain images I crave.

It is a prize knowing

your valuable time is mine.

When we’re in our private moments

using our tepid words,

there for the affect really

you’re my alter ego.

A multiple personality for sure

I wouldn’t mind sharing

some head space with you.

My speechless condition

that I often use

I’ve come to be your greatest excuse,

go and read in private

so no one notices

what exactly am I trying to say?

Maybe, I don’t know how to miss you.

My mind skips,

I am forced to rely on instincts

to get through each part of the day.

I ask with no real expectation

that’ll you’ll come to me and explain

why I have taught myself

to learn what things to say?

There are meanings to certain words,

certainly we have our handful

I can love you with no conditions,

just as I’ve always done.

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