Trust Fall

With a joyous revolt against words

there is this blessed silence,

and by no means

was this edit a choice of yours.

Stubbornness I guess

is the last elusive thorn to conquer.

Whether you choose to take a stance

or choose to go silent

both can have a very loud impact.

Trust fall, you have the confidence

that you’ll be saved from your fall.

Make sure you have enough provisions

to last the drought’s duration.

Of course one could emote their feelings,

but that’s not an exact science,

the subtle tone in words

can get lost in a text translation.

After all, there are no referees to say

if the ball was fair or foul.

Understand everything is in bounds.

Take the totality of the game,

there is a lifetime of going back and forth.

Seriously, we could waste precious innings

one play shouldn’t affect the outcome.

Make abundantly sure

your protest has good timing

by law it’s safest to stay in the middle.

Always defend like crazy

the basis of your argument.

From solid footings

comes a solid foundation.

Try and understand the origins

of your stubborn streak

before you decide to keep going

or concede defeat.

If the argument does indeed

rise above all other beliefs

then by all means

stick to your guns,

your grounds,

your reasoning.


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