Mercy My Brother

The new steps take hold of me.

I stand here in front of you,

you listen from behind your door.

Crying on this side of mercy

do you promise you’ll pray with me?

I promise I’ve been praying since the start,

since we were set free from brutal hands.

The harsh air consumed my voice,

it never meant I wasn’t there with you

I was there right alongside you my brother.

The waves reached us both

consumed and touched the both of us.

Don’t think for a moment

I’m not your keeper, my brother.

Slam the door if you need or must

silence yourself away from us.

I know what it means to try against odds

have mercy on me, my brother.

I’m right here standing behind the door

that was obviously shut on both of us.

When we were young in our room

hiding underneath blankets, the waves

crashed around heavily and we were innocent,

children back then, who started this

cycle that rained down and slammed

down on both of us. We should have

been promised unconditional love

no matter what life handed out.

We’re men now, my brother

loving our children unconditionally

there aren’t doors to hide behind.

We love them openly, we prop them up

cherish all their moments together.

Remember, that without our childhood

we might not of known what a door sounds like

when it’s slammed down and the waves

come raining down on our backs.

We pray for mercy in our hearts,

pray brother, step with me through the door

that can’t hurt us now.

Share love, give and it will return

in equal measure. Share love, my brother.