Hotel Room I

There are gracious moments

usual things get instantly elevated,

clothes hung on display

in these glamorous closets

I’ve never seen eyes this wide.

Everything was so oversized

bathroom mirrors stretched the room.

Pulling our images along the edge

the tub was enough for both of us.

We played with the idea, but

the suds would have to wait

the sun was setting, giving up

to the jealous moon.

We moved on to another part

this off colored carpeted room

the couch in the middle was obvious,

she knew what its shape meant.

The bedroom had chiffon ties

on all four corner posts.

Reservations were coming

it took a few tries to get dressed,

sparkles complimented her mood.

The balcony begged a look

something about this blurry night

having all those city eyes

we toasted our inner voyeur

from forty floors up.

Numb with anticipation to hurry back,

I had to drag her away,

we promised a quick dinner

and back to the hotel room

before the weight door

closed on itself.

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