In The Quiet Grey

I can hear the rain more than I can see it.

Here, against a quiet hum,

the refrigerator works to keeps things frozen.

Out the window rain and wind mix,

the view is a mess, there’s nothing left,

but to sit here and take it all in.

My rescued German Shepherd,

Shiva, seems to remember how it felt

to be out there in the driving cold.

The irony of her circumstances,

once neglected, she’s in a better place.

Still, this weather insists on pouring while the wind, pushes us.

I love what goes into this,

the predicting and everything.

Layered beneath cashmere,

My scarf hangs loosely,

and I sit freezing.

Inside, it’s just me, staring at the outside.

The koi are under duress,

the cold is a temperamental condition

making it so, it’s hard to move.

The fish are hovering in their places

waiting for things to return

to the way they used to be

before this storm was predicted

to wreak havoc on our gentle coast

when most years at this time,

we’re usually under

a drought advisement.

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