Best Friend

In our dogs years

time can pass on by quickly.

I bet they don’t hold grudges,

they can’t, especially the way

they wag their tales

each time they see us.

I’d swear they understand our language

certain parts of it anyway.

Unless of course, they’re lying to us.

Just think if they had long-term memory

imagine opening the door

they turn and have no reaction,

taking no notice that you’re home.

When you make those baby voices

they roll their eyes and look the other way

like you’re crazy.

What would happen if they stopped,

jumping up,

trying to show how much they loved us.

They see something out a dark window

and ignore it.

They stop following you around the house

they just stay put to do their own thing.

No longer have a favorite toy

or place to go lay down.

Our dogs have full time jobs

they come home and are all tired

can’t be bothered with us

they’re stressed because

the roles have switched.

Our full-time job was them

no longer a bigger picture

and depending on the kind or breed

you may have a temperamental

truly dangerous situation

you’ll need to be careful around.

It’s all just crazy

thinking in this way

because truly, our dogs

wouldn’t want to switch places.

They’re perfectly content

being part of a family

giving unconditional love

they’re receiving.

(Give your pet a hug)😘


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