When need and want are mixed,

waiting on someone is impossible.

Just hurry and finish your shift,

she can easily feel the pressure too.

Living off tips, she’d freely give

her remaining tables away,

she can’t right now

there’s too much at stake.

One can’t always choose

the exact perfect direction to take.

The risk becomes even bigger

when new layers are added

because what was, would never exist today.

Some can cut and sew their own journey

creating a beautiful quilt

using all their special talents.

It takes a lot of energy

to make a name for yourself.

The lowest of all moments

can often push and trip up our days.

Those tepid hard images

still come flooding every Spring.

The girl knows she can’t always give

her honest elite opinion.

In the sum of the day,

most aren’t going to understand

why her tips are so important.

Especially today, with so many mouths to feed.

It’s no surprise she’s the best

always there with a smile.

Her eyes shimmer, it’s a first time for sure

all of us get excited with little things.

The days often sparkle

when they are memorialized by playlists.

Yesterday has become a forever moment,

but just like that, a lifetime commitment

can evaporate or be erased by change.

It has taken time to learn and remember

all the heavy steps to avoid.

One must step lightly

through all the narrow gaps and openings.

Those of us who learn how to tiptoe

unquestionably have the upper hand.

Please forgive my clumsiness,

my heavy handed finish, as I trip and fall.

I’m thankful for the moments

thankful for yesterday when the shine

completely blinded all good reason.

We love, to be loved in return.