Forever More

There are no regrets

when we accept we won’t be strangers

from this point forward,

I’ll need to rent some space in my head

so you make room and move on over.

It’s a shame it’s taken so long

for me to find you,

listening to all these songs up against it all

convincing myself you’re coming.

And yeah, today might be a little different,

24 hours is never enough time,

except when you’re around.

The real and true feelings come alive,

there’s still room for you to recognize

when affection is needed,

so it can be given back equally.

I like how we share our cycles,

again in equal measure

it doesn’t matter much if I’m instructing,

because you could easily turn away

and wipe out the submission.

There’s just something about a girl

who gives 100% of her attention

to One, the true One that others notice.

Damn, how did you learn how to love like that?

When beauty hits you,

there are these new prayers

you didn’t know you knew,

but you kneel and give thanks

because there are a limited few

that are naturally this way.

It’s hard to draw the lines between lovers,

it’s even harder to tell

who’s been broken by accident

or otherwise.

One might talk in a way,

while another must want to beg.

There are universal truths about people,

no matter if you’re the giver or the taker,

all that’s ever really mattered,

is that you’re perfectly matched

to a partner, cause or job.

Eventually there will come a time

when you’re finally all alone

doing a solitary dance of sorts.

Being perfectly balanced

means you can dance in perfect step

when the world is fucked up, imperfect.

Avoid the narcissistic,

they’ll push you out in an instant

nothing matters to them

but the I, me and my

at the start in each sentence.

Caution when you take on a forever bond,

just make sure you’re ready to

give, take, spread, share, fight, makeup, ignore, shower, walk away, devour, learn, be honest, lie, ache, talk, kiss and more.

before you give away that forever more.

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