Songs in Playlists

On your down days, I promise

I’ll be by your side reading lyrics again

from songs we made in our playlists.

I can still see you coming for the speaker,

we used to play next to your bed.

Those perfect moments, time was different

I came to take you, I know, oh I know

I’m the one waiting with all the words now.

I promise I know all the songs

that’ll pick you up and make you smile.

Even if, it were just a little bit of a change.

At least we’d have have all our lyrics

from songs in our nostalgic days.

Together or alone, go somewhere quiet

listen to the songs through the night.

I don’t want you to cut your hair,

take all the time you need to inhale.

I promise not to bother you day or night.

I’ll walk far away so you can’t feel

yesterday and that old you.

Oh I wish you’d learn to breathe in again.

You and I could take turns sharing so I

could help your coughing.

Days could pass like dog years,

a 7 year session, inside seven years

with you, it would only take a moment

to love love you all over again.

Natural serenade of our night swimming.

Spending down weekends exploring

going from one old bed and breakfast

to a room with a massive spa tub.

I need you your love in me,

it’s a charge to see that sparkle

coming from your eyes, that jump when

you look again and our eyes are locked.

I’ve never felt that kind of release.

when I’m lifting you a couple feet

off the ground up on the edge.

We are almost eye to eye. I swear I’ll come

to find you to lift you up again.

I need to see you, to smell the spot

buried in the back of your earlobe

underneath your hair and neck.

When we’re midnight dancing

under Northern Lights,

quiet goes those colorful lights

always bouncing off your bedroom ceiling.

The winter cold never found our bodies.

The natural warmth came in waves

flooding and curling toes,

it was loud at times.

Words between us weren’t always clean

sometimes they were loud and filthy

our lyrics helped drown our sounds

it was natures beauty

picked from our playlists.