These are the days we share,

and in everyone, we find our someone.

Looking through a, ‘Lost and Found’

we’re reminded, these used items

used to be someones gift.

Yesterday, and against all the rest,

it was starting to look like the rain,

wasn’t going to stop, but instead,

we were able to hold hands without gloves.

This is our first hour we’ve ever bet against.

With more than the worst odds,

we didn’t expect to win at this,

but we were dealt a solid hand.

What started out as something innocent,

has sure enough made us think again.

a Valentine celebration perhaps,

where we yearn to kiss

for an hour straight.

I can’t ask for much more than this,

aim your bow if you must,

trust me, the target won’t be missed.

Distance has always been our companion,

just as we travel without gloves.

We are drawn by the law of attraction,

especially on a day like today,

there is this completion to the hour

only a select few would ever attempt.

Inside our drug fueled addictions,

we’re constantly waiting on the other

to hurry and catch up.

So tonight we make our wishes

for next year’s Valentines.

Here now at this hour,

on tippy toes we promise,

we will gather at this very spot.

One will look upward,

while the other bends down to kiss.

And exactly a year from now

we’ll laugh and remember

just exactly how we found ourselves

in this fucked up little mess.


Happy Valentines

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