Easy Secret

With the biggest dreams ever conceived,

attention comes and floods the streets.

Everyone has to have a piece

whatever it was, you were giving away.

Maybe it’s because

your clothes will be changing hands

or the simple fact, they used to be yours.

Those expensive jackets

you just leave there on your bedroom floor.

Clutter seems to be an adorable condition

it speaks to your casual nature.

Like no one will ever notice

how you get bored

after wearing it just once.

Who really knows though,

what will spark the newest fad

or what will grab your attention.

Sometimes it’s just easier

being content and satisfied,

naked and wanted, now there’s the dream.

The skin trade in real-life color,

especially since we’re all so curious

what you look like

underneath it all. After all, there are some

who freely give themselves away,

in a reckless abandon,

that one crazy summer

where we pretended to be something

all together different. Jealous eyes

surround the space in our minds,

where we keep our guarded little secrets

from getting out.

I don’t mind telling you

my one true and massive secret.

The day before yesterday,

I sat by a rainy window and reminisced

how the love-drawn hours

spill and soak an already flooded earth.

You’re waiting on my secret, I know,

I’ve started something akin to gossip.

Doing that heavy whisper thing

against the inner ear, I swear

I’ve never laughed harder

that when you pretended to tell me

exactly what it was

you swore you wouldn’t tell.

Nevertheless , there’s something in all us

that we need to get off our chests.

So before I actually promise

to tell my deepest darkest secret,

I want to hear yours…


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