I Promise To Write

Perhaps you shouldn’t have made mention

that it’s been entirely way too long

since I’ve written anything.

The problem now is,

I can’t stop putting the words to thought.

Maybe it’ll mean you’ll spend hours

trying to sit comfortably with me inside,

just as I go along writing too much in one day.

I can clearly remember the feeling

when we saw each other today.

Never mind, it wasn’t all that big of a deal,

to you, but I, can remember every detail.

Did you notice you cut your hair

a little too short, in the front, never mind.

There was something else in the way,

when you dismissed me,

when it was you that called.

I love the eyes that come here religiously

they get an exact fix on me

and how it is I relate to words.

To the tiny inconspicuous things

that others don’t care to notice.

Those boots you wore,

I love the sound they make.

The leggings you just started to wear,

the ones I helped pick out,

they truly look fabulous.

To the one who doesn’t think

I haven’t noticed what she’s wishing for.

Oh, if only that wish were to come true,

just how perfect would this lonely winter turn?

There are solid answers

I swear that this 2nd time around

will go much smoother than the first.

I can clearly feel you in my mind

completing the usual set of words

I try and usually use.

Against a wall of words

I’d search for in her,

the girl who was Adam’s first.

I wonder if that clue is enough

to get you to stop and pay attention.

My devotion is praying

seriously, stop and clear those other distractions

from your already complex mind.

Settle in and get ready

because there are 12 lessons

begging for you to turn.


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