New Tattoos

Underneath a heavy hand

wet ink stains the surface,

she denies

that none of this

is at all romantic.n

With so many choices

I’m sorry,

but I sorta fell in love tonight,

against all my protests

her star stuck mood had won.

Caught up, on the street corner

the fucking grass

was so much greener

because here

we are allowed

to pretend our love is blind.

We can finally sleep all loosely

in each other’s arms

without ever thinking twice.

Nothing is going to change,

because on every corner

there are these heavy hands

showing us the quickest way

to the best artists.

I watch her get a new tattoo.

With his heavy hands,

wiping off the excess ink

across her body,

it’s impossible to sit there

all comfortable seeing her

half exposed boob, the curve.

She planned this

on purpose, the little flirt

enjoying my jealous side

fighting to sit still

with my nervous laugh

my new companion.

The girl was winning,

smiling inside at my discomfort,

I swear, it wasn’t as gentle,

but then again,

she loves the painful needles.

It was a charming moment for sure,

I can’t deny

seeing her skin

getting permanently marked

was the drug

I find in her.

Hand in hand

trying to look

at our new additions

in the the storefront


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