I love You the Most

I’m waiting all night

for you to end your bad week,

to finally log off, and fall asleep.

I’m secretly singing to you

making sure the lights aren’t too bright.

I love you, I swear to God I’m waiting

until you wake again to see if luck changes.

I’m singing our secret songs again.

All our other lives, don’t compare

to the one we’re living now.

Diamonds never meant much,

but after all this time, it’s time,

time opened your eyes.

I’m the one who loves you the most.

Today you’re going to be surprised.

I’m coming to marry you,

you won’t see me coming at all

because you’ve been way too tired to notice.

Imagine the touching, me there waiting,

come what may, each night your own night.

I could easily take all of this

and drop everything, after all,

I’m the one who loves you the most

jaded or otherwise.

I can’t think of a place

where I’m bent over kneeling

there in the snow asking for a hand

far off and isolated in Alaska.

I swear to God we could go to a crowded city, just listen,

before you pull it away, just listen.

I don’t think I’ve loved another person

more this way. I can’t stop listening

I write words and I know

it’s not all together normal, it’s my curse.

I get stuck thinking of the tiniest things.

I spend entirely way too much time

telling stories to people half way around the world

who are ultra kind to read them,

and I’m thankful. Thank you for your time and attention.

You are always on the tip of my tongue.

Say you’re willing to try, it’s change I know

that makes you sick and nervous.

I understand there are good things coming,

when we change things, I promise.

I’ll be there each night to kiss confidence

upside down or otherwise, I promise

there’s never going to be a better time

for you to wear this diamond

there on your left side, after all I know

I can promise you

love you the most.