The Trees Without Leaves

Beneath a night of mostly cold skies,

I turned to face the girl and gave the look.

She knew exactly what I wanted coming

from her against this frigid night.

We were standing

near trees without leaves, freezing.

She puts her hands in my pockets, smiled.

The three layers mean’t I wouldn’t feel her

attempt at warming frozen hands on me.

She smiled, as if she thought of this first.

In the loud quiet of the streets, we talked,

let’s go home and take a hot bath.

In fact, I’ll kneel outside and soap you off

while you, read our favorite book.

There were errands first though,

we couldn’t have another wasted trip.

The first stop, she needed new panties.

She can’t figure out why they all go at once.

Excited, because I get to pick them out,

of course, there are sensible choices,

not just the boy lustful ones. She wanted

boy-cut, hi- hip or bikini strap, no thongs.

We slink through the store, at one point

she’s softly dancing to Billy Idol’s, Rebel Yell

the only part she actually sings is,

‘Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes Sir. Yes Sir.’

She smiles and whispers,

‘She wants. More. More. More.’

The point firmly established, I walk

with fists in pockets hiding her.

Driving home with the girl was dangerous,

her curves made conditions a little nervous

the sharp turns, my hand in her lap

undoing a center clasp, the car protested.

The music on the radio was crying in pain.

She wanted out of her high wasted jeans.

Pulling into the drive, some lights

were purposely left on, she ran inside.

I collected her trail or her way of travel.

The downstairs was littered with articles.

A kitchen cabinet had been searched,

set of cranberry candles were missing.

The dog came running down the stairs,

still super excited, he pointed the way

her perfume and alcohol filled the air.

She couldn’t wait until I was there,

underneath the crack of the door

the room softly flickered to a playlist.

This might of been her plan all along,

the water in the tub was being drawn.

A deep glittered blue of unfolding salts

were bleeding the water as it filled.

I knocked and waited to be invited in,

in a neat little corner was a towel.

She knelt on a foot square of softness,

undressing the moment, the playlist

kept perfect step with her hands.

Looking up, she pressed her body forward,

that brilliant smile glistened with want.

The room, water and our bodies

were all the same temperature. She kissed

from that downward position and it was

all together, something a little different.

I eventually lost my balance. Fell into her,

she fell onto me, inside, the water spilled.

We might have ruined the floor because

the downstairs neighbor was protesting.

The loud sounds coming at us, we thought

was our playlist just a little too loud,

after all, I couldn’t stop the girl climbing,

the water splashed pretty bad in fact

it knocked 2 out of 3 candles out.

I’m sorry about last tonight, she begged,

with the downstairs neighbor for an hour,

‘Just don’t let it happen again, alright?’

She winked promising,

“Yeah right.”