What if I Need It?

Temperamental living

the promise has always been

I’ll take care of you.

Eyes centered and focused

keeping the minutes clear from all distractions.

Even when your mom starts it up

I’ll keep your chin high above

all the bullshit.

When she starts judging your decisions,

we’ll respectfully turn and smile because

it’s all coming from distorted love.

Choices, everyone makes them

no one is ever truly perfect.

We can make noise and get away like we used to,

even if I have to cover your eyes.

We can walk around with my big hands

guiding you through the business.

That temperamental side of yours,

it’s always saying something

I swear every part of you

fits seamlessly with no lines or edges.

You’re the girl with curves,

I promise to pay close attention

whenever we’re out there doing life things.

Eating seems to be our favorite thing,

unless we’re playing, to some chronic playlist.

The words in songs

have always meant everything, imperfect or otherwise,

we seem to always make honest efforts

whenever we try to sing.

The pure time I get to spend alongside you

is too special because I’m relaxed

none of that nervous bouncing

where you’re putting a hand to my knee.

I can see a lifetime of sipping the drug

you’re my next big fix, I’m always chasing.

The more time we spend building

our worlds entwine and grow together,

Morning Glory vine consuming the back wall.

Cupped hands whisper

they crush and break a side in me

I fall weak to certain things in you.

I know the mood is super loud,

that concert we went to was all erotic

but the music was way too loud

we walked around with damage.

We couldn’t hear for days,

we wouldn’t trade it.

Nothing ever matters anyway

what if I need it

Cinderella girl

you’re my favorite.


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