With a pocket full of secret roses I swear,  I swore that this bunch of flowers could grow for as long  as they promised to keep their colors going. Then something happened, they were unhappy perhaps, demanding more of the sun pushing their way in front of other plants. Were they truly neglected? Sure, there […]

Hurry love lets run away before the sun decides to rise, ruining a perfectly quiet night. A night that has been full and heavy with the sounds. Hurry love step inside the showers let the water fall and cascade down the curved turns. Let the suds cup and caress your naturally perfect upturned sights. I […]

A crushed and crying girl keeping everything locked up inside far from prying eyes hoping they won’t ever notice, no one  truly ever does. A first dream, she was dancing, in and amongst hundreds of other arms. Yes, she was dancing alone until someone caught her and her attention turned she wanted more of him. She […]

Even now as I count and even though it may be the wrong day I still want to come and sweep love into your life. The 7th or 8th it doesn’t matter much anyway, I love you equally on both days. It’s in the touch of falling feeling this amazing ache here on your special […]

With the weight or pressure of having to comprehend and or remember, the exact reason why she wanted all of my attention. She leaned in with a heavy kiss. Her hair tied tightly, the largest black rimmed glasses she proceeded to ask some questions, almost as if, she wanted me to perform some scholarly decathlon. […]

With no true way of ever really knowing I was coming for you. Say inside of an hour, we’d be negotiating both sides of a plan to please each of us. Both roles would have to have clearly defined rules. This precious plan of ours was different than all the rest. With no true way […]

With more than three simple and truly amazing ways to say I love you. Without ever having to use the words the new trinity that single spark of desire that insatiable wanting floods and overwhelms this need to drive the desired love down deep inside. With no true warning the second most defining moment that […]

With time and attention both winding and tightening, clearly, he wants her to be the girl. She has gained the attention of someone who has made certain wishes come exactly true. She’s asked to be taught and shown exactly how it is, the rules rule, on a day like today. Delicately, he explains the touch-play game […]

Here standing with the usual words we meet face to face for the first time in days. Anemic or otherwise these are the most intense moments thus far, just as the girl has gotten stronger the danger is the girl is dangerous by nature. When she’s this intense it’s beautiful the second minute  starts counting with […]

We run with the truth, our very own storied excuse where we tell the other just how much we’re loved always getting what we wanted to give. Clearly, our hearts are forthright and honest. It’s the start of a fire with the girl who understands how to speak the actual truths in words. With both […]

I can keep drawing these two dimensional stick figures in the sand like some primitive man. It’s 2 in the morning and I’m mixed with goodness that’s making the dull ache of yesterday seem all worth it. The words are enough for me I’m thankful I can still draw these awful stick figures in the […]

A nighttime lover it’s all we’ve ever wanted, besides, who speaks with a magical tongue like the old days? So few can understand anymore the love-drawn torturous eyes that have wrecked our bodies. Stare, it can’t be helped, but to stare means you want what we already have it’s a jealous cycle for sure. Believe […]

Without ever having to look it was easy to see why this time she was the one girl, unlike the rest.   There was never a need to have that type of discussion, where things had to be spelled out she already knew without ever asking. A refreshing quench for sure, the drought has taken its […]

Our coveted pretty place adorned heavily in heavenly icons. Close to our bed love rosaries hang close at hand just in case we need to pray for our burdened sins. Sins that aren’t so easily made up I’m constantly in prayer asking for the return of your attention there is something that makes up the […]

The beauty age a girl works hard trying to move the others far from what is hers. She glances and watches for his reaction, together they know without conversation and music is the excuse. Smash and push the night forward deeper and forward this time both bodies all heated and warm their love attraction rules. […]

Against faith, I’m honestly making the right choice my heart has hung itself inside a thick steel cage. I want yesterday back, so I could say and do all the same things over again. My heart loves and it doesn’t matter that it forgets and has no long term memories. The overcrowded conditions of where […]

It was always her idea to want to sit and meet with him. To sit, and explain why no one understood how it was to feel.   To sit with him not as equals, but both playing a certain part. The object of her interest was to explore what she had always known in her heart. That […]

Dipped hurriedly the words couldn’t come fast enough. I was using one of those, 500 year old pens you know the kind with the ink well, and as I was writing I couldn’t help but notice the ink stained and literally got everywhere. Each time the tip was lowered liquid just spilled out everywhere I […]

And i’ve counted since the day it stopped over and over again always making sure I kept reading the words that mattered. The sensitive promise keeping this perfect record of the number of books that together we’ll read. That number multiplied by months, then years, running without much notice, but still, it’s important to read. […]