Pocket Full of Roses

With a pocket full of secret roses I swear,  I swore that this bunch of flowers could grow for as … More

Hurry Love

Hurry love lets run away before the sun decides to rise, ruining a perfectly quiet night. A night that has … More

A First Dance

A crushed and crying girl keeping everything locked up inside far from prying eyes hoping they won’t ever notice, no … More

A Birthday Day

Even now as I count and even though it may be the wrong day I still want to come and … More

International Dreamer

With the weight or pressure of having to comprehend and or remember, the exact reason why she wanted all of … More

A Precious Plan

With no true way of ever really knowing I was coming for you. Say inside of an hour, we’d be … More

The New Trinity

With more than three simple and truly amazing ways to say I love you. Without ever having to use the … More

The Girl

With time and attention both winding and tightening, clearly, he wants her to be the girl. She has gained the … More

The 2nd Minute

Here standing with the usual words we meet face to face for the first time in days. Anemic or otherwise … More